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I am 26 year old business technology student from Helsinki. I am very ambitious, entrepreneurial and love technology&start-ups. My hobbies includes different kind of sports, reading and self-developing.

Work History

Mar 2014Present

Football coach


I’m football coach in PK-35 for 2007-born boys. The job description includes holistic exercises planning and implementation. The most important thing in coaching is to show and teach new things about football, as well as to motivate and encourage young people to practice on their own time. The aim is to teach young people also other practical skills such as social skills, good manners and the team's general internal rules and procedures. The task requires a really good nerves and crisis management, as well as good management skills. Good social skills are also very important when working with young children.

Aug 2013Feb 2014

Salesman & Marketing

Kekäle Oy

I worked as a salesman in Jack&Jones in Lappeenranta. I studied economics in Lappeenranta at the same time. I did all basic shop tasks and helped customers to find right clothes for them. I was also part of shops marketing team.

Sep 2012Jan 2013


Celectus Oy

I worked in Intersport Ruoholahti as a salesman. My job was to sell sportswear and equipments to the customers.

Jul 2011Apr 2012

Key account manager

Sankarimedia Oy

I was the first worker in this start-up company and the task was to develop and sell yössä.fi mobile application service to the nightclubs and bars. My job was to be a contact person to the customers and to acquire new customers. At the same time I was in the service development and operations team.

Jul 2011Mar 2012


Monilaite-Thomeko Oy

I worked as a Storeman in Monilaite. I had couple special tasks that I was in charge. Also did sales in the company.

Aug 2008Aug 2010


K-market Liikenne Hermanni

I worked in gas station for two years along with high school. I was doing mainly evening and night-shift because of the school. I made all possible gas station tasks just as general customer service, filled the shelves, made food and cleaned.


Sep 2013Jun 2014


Lappeenranta University of technology

First year business studies

Sep 2006Jun 2009

High school

Vuosaaren lukio



Kauppatieteiden ylioppilaat ry, member of Communications Committee 2015. Communications Committee, or VEE designs and implements KY marketing events, working on a variety of publications, and take part in other communications projects. Projects require a lot of different skills, such as: image processing and layout software use, print and web advertising and photography. Team skills evolve, as the VEE activity is strongly associated with close co-operation with other committees and working groups, as well as KY with other actors.

Pallokerho-35 2007-born boys treasurer. I work as a treasurer for the team that I coach. Duties include to make budget for the season, manage a team account, to collect monthly payments and pay the bills, and keep track of them all. My duties also include finding the sponsors.


I have been organising the 2014 and 2015 Slush- events. The event is targeted to start-up companies and related stakeholders and it was the largest start-up event ever held in Finland. In the event 2014 I worked as a volunteer in two roles. I was in a building team. which task was to build the event: stages, lights, communications and perform any other arrangements. During the event I worked in the crisis team. The main purpose for the team was to take care of any situation occurred during the event and solves all raised problems.

This years event I worked in concierge team. I was in charge of operating services during the Slush event, including: Providing information and concierge service for special guests and Top-level customer service which was highly praised internationally.