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Work experience

Team Leader

Universal Development Company
South Lebanon: Title: Software Expert: Same as above adding to them working in HTML, XML, JAVASCRIP Qualification Good Spirit without aggressive approach and enthusiasm to closing deals Team leader and Management of additional technical resources to meet the needs. Able to organize and prioritize work in multitask environment Able to meet deadlines, follow through commitment and take corrective action where appropriate MCITP Certification Advanced Technical Skills and Knowledge Area Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1, 2000, Vista, Unix, Linux, Windows Server 2003, Virtual Machines, Window Server 2008, Server2000 MS Office XP/2003/2007/2010 and office 14 Programming: C++, Java, HTML, XHTML & XML include PHP, SQL


CCC) Natout Computer Systems(Saida-South Lebanon): Title: Software & Hardware Expert Users Support & troubleshooting Solving System problems Monitoring the efficiency & capacity of hardware & software in order to plan for future upgrading, making recommendations & providing input into feasibility studies. Providing training in the application or use of specialist IT equipment/systems to ensure its full capability is exploited for the benefit of the company

Automation Engineer

Control Access Applications
Title: Automation Engineer Contract Value: 300 Million US$ Support a new CCC in-house Application(ATLAS)(Hand over System) Build Scope inside Atlas: Phase, Discipline, category, Form, Tag, Create/Design new required reports(Crystal Report) Managing SQL Server and Data Entry. Implement and manage In-house fleet System-ifalcon(intelligent fleet Analysis, Logistics and Control) Assigns port mapping templates on the equipment, Assigns the installed SIM S/N and SIM Number as attributes on the equipment. Assigns labels if needed Logs data received from PMV. Assigns Authorization ID(Currently of type“ AutoID”). Exports Authorization ID for each Employee to designated USB key. Updates Equipment Devices with set of Authorized Operators, either on creation or on any update, enforces Apply Authorized Operators. hand over USB flash drives to PMV. Conduct training for prospective users. Create user and user groups and assigns required security permissions. Assign security permissions on reports. Create required Geofences and Landmarks in coordination with PMV and HSE. Implement and manage Employee timesheet system(turnstile System) to monitor and calculate cost per employee/cost centre Configure Users Update Data Setup and configure Handheld Devices Manage Terminal Devices Create Reports Develop data exchange procedures between in-house and client applications Develop data verification and check links utilities for various running systems with different scopes. Optimizing the Material Warehouse Management system by developing an Add-On application to make all entries sequentially(requisitions, purchase orders, material receiving/issuing, shipments, etc…) Modify, update and send the material reports status on monthly basis Update Modified Cost Code in Talisman. Adjust and support all Human resources In-house applications(Monthly and Daily Timesheet, Travel Advisory, HRMS,…) Optimize PMV Applications(Job plan, Billing System, Job card,…) Create and Design Crystal Reports Support Document Control System(VBC) CONSOLIDATED CONTRACTORS INTERNATIONAL COMPANY(CCC) QATAR Computerized Maintenance Control Unit(Qatar-AL-Khor): MAXIMO-IBM SOFTWARE Title: Technical Automation Installing, configuring and working on SQL server 2008 Install Maximo software in Server 2008 and Window 7, 8 Install WebSphere(Integrated Solution



Business & Computer University College


Business & Computer University College


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