Samuel Draycott

  • Manchester United Kingdom
Samuel Draycott


Sep 2012 - Present

IDCORE: Engineering Doctorate in Offshore Renewable Energy

Universities of Edinburgh, Exeter and Strathclyde, the Scottish Association for Marine Science and HR-wallingford

Currently in the middle of an intensive training year covering many interesting disciplines relating to offshore renewable energy. This demanding year covers many aspects ranging from physical modelling testing, hydrodynamics and resource assessment to economics and policy. This year provides key skills and understanding in order to complete the research phase of the EngD, which will be covered in the next three years. This will aim to deliver high quality, exploitable, and industrially-focused research outcomes based in one of the sponsoring companies(company and associated location remain unknown until January).

This course has recently been awarded IMarEST accreditation.

Sep 2011 - Aug 2012

MSc (Distinction), Sustainable Energy Systems

University of Edinburgh

Developed a well rounded view of the aspects of creating sustainable energy systems.  Mainly engineering based, focusing on modelling of renewable energy systems, but also incorporated economics, financial mathematics and integrated resource planning with my chosen options. My dissertation topic was focused on 'Non-linear wave forces on a vertical tower' which helped develop my understanding of, and my interest in, the marine environment. 

Funded by Panasonic as part of their Panasonic Trust Fellowship scheme and awarded a Panasonic Trust gold medal for my accomplishments. 

Sep 2008 - May 2011

BEng (Hons.),(2:1), Chemical Engineering with Management

University of Edinburgh

After excelling in my A-levels, I went directly into 2nd year of this BEng degree; a challenge that meant assimilating the course foundation stages, rapidly and independently. Throughout this course I have developed engineering skills in disciplines such as thermodynamics and fluid mechanics and have created detailed designs of complex equipment/situations, both independently and within a team. The managerial aspect of this course has given me an understanding of supply chain and operations management as well as some techniques employed by business.

Sep 2006 - Jun 2008


Xaverian college

A-levels: Maths (A), Chemistry (A), Physics (A)

AS-levels: Law (A), Accounting (A)

Sep 2001 - Aug 2006


Stretford Grammar school

Maths (A), English language (A), English literature (A), Chemistry (A), Physics (A), Biology (A),

Product design (A), R.E. (A), P.E. (B), Citizenship (B), French (C)

Work experience

Work experience
Sep 2011 - Sep 2012

Energy analyst

University of Edinburgh- Sustainability Office

Helped out on the Carbon Catalysts project over the summer of 2011 where I did the following:

  • Data analysis for targeted buildings to assess progress and identify inefficiencies.
  • Research into developing best practice for more energy efficient chemistry labs.
  • Projected savings calculations for potential future energy saving projects.

I then started working for the same team, part-time, since the beginning of the MSc and was heavily focused on energy data analysis including forecasting techniques and modelling in excel as well as identifying energy saving projects and calculating stipulated savings.

Unfortunately I had to leave due to the demanding nature of the EngD however I still help out when I can in training new staff to deal with the data side of the projects.

Jul 2011 - Aug 2011

Assistant for Sustainability projects

Sustain Success / Peel Holdings

During the summer of 2011 I was working alongside a consultancy firm, 'Sustain Success', doing some interesting sustainability projects  for Peel Holdings.

During my time there I helped with:

  • Calculations for costs incurred due to the Carbon Reduction Commitment 
  • Reviewed and analysed  corporate responsibility reports.
  • Helped with the beginning of a press release about sustainability of local Peel holdings offices.
  • Did an independent sustainability report  on a new type of portable coffee shop, focusing on energy efficiency and sustainable material use.
Jul 2007 - Sep 2007

Research chemist

University of Manchester

During the summer of 2007, I completed a research placement at the University of Manchester funded by the Nuffield Foundation. During this project, I used X-ray crystallography, atomic force and electron microscopy to analyse how manipulating compositions and operating conditions during synthesis can give differing results - and be used to synthesise different zeolites. The data I collected with a PhD student, plus the report of my findings, was nominated for a CREST award.

Skills gained:

• Detailed planning and logging

• Intricate analysis

• Use of specialised equipment for the gathering and analysis of information

• Understanding the rigour of research environments


Available on request


Energy institute

Institute of Chemical Engineers


I am an enthusiastic and self-motivated engineer with a hands-on approach to problem solving and an ability to learn quickly within demanding professional environments. I am keen to develop a career within the growing and challenging offshore renewable energy sector; where I can apply my knowledge and skills to the engineering and advancement of sustainable energy systems.

Academic interests

I am very interested in the technologies available to minimise carbon emissions and solve the potential future global energy crisis. I have a particular passion for maritime energy technologies as the sector has many challenges to overcome which I am eager to be apart of. This interest intensified during my MSc studies in Sustainable Energy Systems which led me to do my dissertation on 'Non-linear Wave Forces on a Vertical Tower'.

I am now undertaking the intensive training year of the IDCORE engineering doctorate program. Within this I am developing the knowledge and skill-base to provide meaningful research into the offshore renewable sector. From this I hope to develop a career within the field, help in overcoming the difficulties in implementing these systems, and contribute to a new climate of enterprise and innovation.

Key skills

Technical skills:

Software experience:

• Use of Aspen/Unisim and the thermodynamic packages in the software to model complex and non ideal designs.

• Matlab for high level solving

• Basic use of Mathcad.

•Use of SWAN wave model for modelling wave environments

•Use of T-Tide matlab package to analyse tidal harmonic constituents

•Use of Microsoft Visio to create intricate engineering diagrams.

• Have used QGIS software

• Use of Powerworld for power flow simulation and modelling.

• Use of Excel for linear programming problems, forecasting and data analysis

• Microsoft office - Use of all major software

Equipment experience:

• Wave flume and associated wave gauges and transducer set-up used in dissertation

• Atomic force microscope

• Electron Microscope

• X-ray diffractometer

• Various lab-scale equipment and measuring devices

Personal skills:

• Excellent time management and organisational skills

• Good presentation skills developed through presentation of design projects to 50+ academics and students

• Good interpersonal skills developed from my time in retail


In non-academic areas of my life I enjoy many sports including basketball, climbing and football and, when younger, trained as a gymnast at national level, demonstrating the degree of discipline and focus of which I am capable.