Hello, I am Sam Doss-Hammel, a Junior in High School with an appreciation for both school and many extra-curricular activities. I have had the privilege of taking honors classes throughout high school, which contributed to both my GPA and my SAT and ACT scores. I have had involvement in many clubs, namely Key Club, Ultimate Frisbee Club, and Surf Club. In the next four years I hope to graduate high school with honors, pick up an internship over the summer, and attend a 4-year University. During senior year of high school I will apply to college, and while there are many that interest me, here are the three most appealing to me. One of the first schools I took interest in was CalTech, or the California Institute of Technology, which is my dream school. It is located in Pasadena, CA, and features a challenging curriculum with focus on math and science, My grandpa attended CalTech and it is my current dream school. I am also interested in both UCSD and UCSB, two UC schools that have also proven that they are serious academic colleges. I will apply to all three in the upcoming months. No matter what school I go to, my interests would be the same, I want to attain a degree in some type of engineering, right now I favor petroleum engineering, as well as a degree in business of some sort. I am passionate about both these careers and would love to learn about both to a higher level.


Sep 2012 - Jun 2016

Valhalla High School

GPA- 4.4

ACT- 31

SAT- 2030

Academic Schedule

9th Grade- Pre-AP World History, Honors English, Honors Biology, Honors Geometry, Spanish 1/2, P.E.

10th Grade- College Prep English, College Prep World History, Honors Algebra 2, Honors Chemistry, Honors Spanish 3/4

11th Grade- AP Language and Composition, AP US History, AP Chemistry, Honors Pre-Calculus, Honors Spanish 5/6

12th Grade- AP Literature, AP Government and Economics, AP Physics, AP Calculus, AP Environmental Science


Mountain Biking- Since 2013 I have been an avid mountain biker, and traveled to various locations such as Noble Canyon, New Mexico, Arizona, and countless trails in San Diego. Mountain Biking has been an enjoyable hobby which I love to do each weekend.

Flying- Another one of my favorite hobbies is amateur piloting, starting in 2012, I have gotten the opportunity to fly a variety of aircraft. I have taken flying lessons on both Airplanes and Sailplanes, and look forward to getting my pilots license in the future.

Skiing- One of my favorite hobbies is skiing, I have been skiing since I was 5 years old and have skied in 13 different resorts in 6 different states including Utah, Colorado, New York, and California. I have improved from being unable to even stay upright on skis to being able to do every single run at my favorite resort, which is Snowbird, in Utah. I own two pairs of skis and look to ski during vacations and weekends throughout winter. 

Extra-Curricular Activities


2013- J.V. Tennis Player

2014- Varsity Tennis Player, Scholar Athlete

2015- Varsity Tennis Player, Scholar Athlete

Cross Country:

2012- J.V. Runner

2013- J.V. Runner


Key Club- Key Club Member for 2013-2014

Ultimate Frisbee- Member from 2013-2015

Surf Club- Treasurer for 2014-2015