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Twenty-four years old. Extrovert, vibrant, multilingual, tinkerer and exceedingly patient. Born and raised in London, I have spent the last eleven years living in Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark. I have recently moved back to London with my wife and infant son. My wife and I are currently studying our Danish preparatory exams on-line, with the goal of opening up future possibilities for employment.


In my spare time, I love to read. Reading has been a passion of mine since childhood, and has always taken up most of my time. I would describe myself as a foodie, and also really enjoy tinkering with electronics. 

I usually try to keep a decent balance of being a fun 'at-home' dad, and an active outdoor person. I love going for long walks with my wife, and spending time experiencing new and odd things with friends. Despite not being a fitness freak, hitting the gym to trying to keep fit and healthy is also filed under after work activities.

Work experience

Search Account Executive

Sleeping Giant Media

My current Role involves implementing the many skills and best practises around PPC advertising, Search Engine Optimisation, Outreach Strategy and Social Media, in the running of key client accounts.

Jan 2014Jul 2014

Customer Service Advisor

Ennovator Limited

Focusing on Scandinavian customers, my job required juggling many different tasks and languages, which I enjoy. Maintaining excellent and professional communication to ensure 1st class service for customers of luxury purchases. Assisting customers over email and phone, in placing and tracking orders. Using manual systems to accurately log and maintain website databases and company analytics.

Mar 2011Oct 2012

1st/2nd Tier Support Agent

LN Eurocom

1st and 2nd tier support for B2C and B2B clients over the phone, and in person. Problem solving over a wide range of different avenues, ranging from usability problems to malfunctioning equipment. Maintaining logs of all contact with customers accurately within IBS04, to ensure proper documentation of business-customer relations.

Dec 2006Dec 2011



Computer building, electronics repair, and software maintenance. Consulting with customers at their homes, diagnosing and fixing any and every problem related to their digital life. Problem prevention and maintenance via remote access and desktop sharing software.

May 2008Feb 2009

English/Danish Translator

Holmgeirsson Translation

Using my linguistic skills, I was hired to be part of a large translation team, used for sizeable projects for IBM, Lenovo, HP, Google and Microsoft. Logging of highly specific and accurate translations of industry terminology into shared company database, and regularly curating statistics of database commits/updates. Frequent communication with clients with regards to need assessment, and cost projection.

Mar 2008Dec 2008

Social – and Health Service Assistant

Favrskov Kommune

Working the evening shift, I was part of a crew of 9, whose main tasks were visiting the elderly, and taking care of their personal needs (eg. cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene). Personally responsible for organising and planning of daily route and optimising round efficiency.

Mar 2007Mar 2008

Internal Delivery Driver

Dansk Supermarked

Working in the baked goods section, my responsibilities involved driving baked goods from the main bakery to seven different smaller branches, three times a day.


Jan 2008Oct 2008



Self-study TEFL qualification,

Aug 2005Sep 2006


Silkeborg Handelsskole


Languages spoken listed by percentage;   English - 100%  Danish - 100%  German - 70% Chinese (Mandarin) - 45% French - 8%   I find language, and it's accompanying culture fascinating, so the language 'barrier' is more of a challenge than a problem.  
The time I spent working on the first and second tier support teams, has taught me a lot about how to communicate professionally with customers over the phone and in person, whilst simultaneously honing my interpersonal communication skills. Running my own company, maintaining good and open communication with customers was a must, since they were reliant on me to solve their problems. Friendly, polite and patient.
Technical Skills
I have a wide breadth of experience of the type that gives you the versatility to place me in a number of contexts with confidence that the level of excellence you expect, will be met. I have in depth experience with desktop support on Microsoft Windows, Office, and  Exchange, and have yet to meet a technological hurdle that could not be solved by research, and common sense. My experience with customer service and of communication logging, means that I have great data accuracy and concise descriptive written communication skills.   OS experience: Windows (XP, 2000, NT, Vista, 7), Unix (OSX, and various Linux distributions), Android, iOS   Tools: Citrix, IBS04, Khaos Control, Gozell   Software: Microsoft office suite (word, excel, outlook, power-point), Open office, Adobe CS (Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver), Skype (other VoIP services)   On-line service experience: Google apps suite (migration), Dropbox, Carbonite