My set objective is to reach to the top of the ladder marking my name on each and every step. I believe in opensource and open development, one of my end goal being to make an impact in the tech industry via the FOSS medium.




I can make stuff happen. In my personal experience of a few years I have learnt that I like management and I can manage efficiently.


I like designing and I have a creative mindset. Personally, my life is nothing if I don't get my creative space to go about. I am good at fine arts but better at digital designs.


I am a self learned programmer who is able to code in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and VB.NET. I can understand any programming language and can edit a given code to meet my needs even if I am not proficient with the language.


I am really good with technology. Technology of any kind comes naturally to me and I can adapt to any technology in just a matter of time. Since childhood I have had a keen interest in Technology thus advancing myself into this field rather than any other.


Work experience

Work experience
Mar 2013 - Present


Skar Co

Skar Group of Companies is a one of the leading IT consultation and IT management firm. One of it's kind in the country.

Aug 2013 - Present

Board of Directors

StartUp Angel

StartUp Angel is a investment firm which invests in various start ups and incubates them till they are self sustainable.

Sep 2010 - Sep 2013


Mindfreaks Development Labs

Had started a website for learning purpose, helped me a lot! Have done many personal projects with it.

Nov 2012 - Mar 2013



Bookmash was a eCommerce platform where people can sell and buy second hand books.



Managerial Information Systems

Texas A&M University

I completed my MIS degree at Texas A&M University. MIS stands for Managerial Information Systems which enables you to incorporate technology into any business environment with full efficiency.

Jun 1998 - Present

High School


My high school studies enabled me to think in the language of business.