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Master of TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)

Tikrit University / College of Education for Human Sciences / English Department .

Throughout the courses stage , I studied :

- Two courses in designing syllabus and  curriculum for teaching English as ESL (English as Second Language) and as EFL (English as Foreign Language) .

- Two courses about the international methods that are used for teaching EFL (English as Foreign Language) .

- Two courses about English Literary Studies representing different movements and eras .

- A course in general linguistics (morphology, syntax, semantics, phonetics and pragmatics) .

-  A course in Semantics and Syntax specifically .

- A course in general Statistics to handle the statistical studies and analysis of the students motivation and progress towards a specific method or material .

Oct 2009Jun 2013

 Bachelor’s Degree in Education with grade of 80% . I was the fifth on my undergraduate class . I was the second certified participant in the University  yearly conference of the undergraduate researches

Tikrit University / College of Education for Women / English Department

During the four years of studying in the college, I've got familiar with the following :

Psychology, Phonetics, Phonology, Literature ( Novels, Plays, Short Stories, Poets) from different eras which are devoted for the purpose of teaching English language , Conversational Situations, Grammar, Linguistics, Essay, Methodology, Evaluation & Measurement in addition to a course in practical teaching in high schools .  


TEFL Skills

Enable the success of students and helping them to reach their full potential using international methods .

  • Organizing, planning, preparing and delivering lessons to students who are from different backgrounds and levels .
  • Design, write and utilize lesson plans conforming to school’s curriculum
  • Help pupils improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills via individual and group sessions .
  • Develop instructional activities using data from student learning style assessments.
  • Explain new ideas and unfamiliar concepts with authority and in a clear and concise way so that students can understand.
  • Create positive educational climate for students to learn in.
  • Writing progress reports, notes home, , publish research. 
  • Patient in dealing with students who act out or have trouble following the material.
  • Find  ways to involve students into their lessons and  working with different learning styles to get the most out of each student.
  • Engage parents and creating healthy relationships with students and faculty to create a quality learning environment .
  • Participate in conferences to establish communication rapport with parents, students, Principal and teachers.
Personal Skills
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills (English & Arabic)
  • Get a semi-native skills in speaking and writing .
  • Ability to multitask and meet changing deadlines.
  • Self directed and able to complete projects with limited supervision.
  • Working knowledge of email, scheduling, spreadsheets and presentation software.
  • The ability to plan, anticipate & react positively.
  • Understand the commercial realities affecting the organisation.
  • Adapt successfully to changing situations & environments .
  • Continues to learn throughout life. Develops the competencies needed for current & future roles

Work experience


English Teacher for Private Titution


Translator / Interpreter (English & Arabic)

For different meetings, papers and interviews .

Sep 2015Present


Cambridge International School in Kurdistan CISK

As an English  teacher, I'm having the following duties:

  • Address all aspects of communication through appropriate instruction that develops each student’s ability to read, write, speak, and listen in the appropriate content area.
  • Assessing and continuously monitoring student progress.
  • Marking and providing appropriate feedback on oral and written work.
  • Employ a variety of instructional techniques and strategies to meet different aptitudes and interests of students.
  • Attending and contributing to training sessions.
  • Basic administration, such as keeping student registers and attendance records.
  • Participating in staff meetings and extra-curricular activities.
May 2015Sep 2015

Office Administrator

NGS Training Center

Being in this job, I've got experience in the following duties :

  • Using a variety of software packages, such as Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, etc., to produce correspondence and documents and to maintain presentations, records, spreadsheets and databases
  • Maintain and regularly update the center's files and customers database.
  • Using content management systems to maintain and update websites and internal databases.
  • Communicate clearly with work colleagues using emails etc .
  • Maintain class calendar and coordinate room availability.
  • Assist in preparing teacher packages .
  • Administer and proctor English placement tests .
  • Managing and maintaining budgets, as well as invoicing.
  • Work within a busy office environment, and support office teams in order to ensure the smooth running of day-to-day activities.
  • Participating in staff meetings and extra-curricular activities. Quickly learn about new in house database systems.
  • Following standardized company procedures relating to all aspects of Office performance.
  • Excellent attention to detail.
  • Get familiar with the different course that are offered by the center .


OTA Training

Oxford / Iraq

TEFL Workshop


Community Leadership

The International Academy of Leadership and Development / Turkey