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Work experience

Tillys Clothing Store

Work with customers to help satisfy there needs. Ring on the regester, and fold clothes as well. Seasonal workers.

Jul 2014Present

My own Online Website

Dream Big Co

I learned online skills by making my own website to sell things I hand make and I love showing other people my talent. 

Jun 2013Sep 2013


Babysitting taught me very important skills, for example: communication skills with parents and with the children, I learned great time management from having to make food, clean, and watch the kids at the same time. 


Sep 2014Present


Valhalla High School

I started at Valhalla High School September 2014 and are going graduate. 

Sep 2011Jun 2014


Granite Hills High School

I attended Granite Hills High School freshman year, September 2011 and I left at the end of  my junior year in June 2014.


Works Well In a Group
I have great team working skills from projects, assignments, and work ,where you have to work with people or the task would not get done.
I like to push myself to do new things like going to a new school, or presenting in front of people in class. I am my biggest fan and my biggest critic, but that makes me push myself even more.
I learned organizing from school because of all the papers that need to be taken care of, also with my jobs i have to stay on track and keep organized with myself.
I peer tutor a special needs kid at Valhalla High School and you need to be patient with them because they don't learn at the same pace as others.
One of the things everyone would say about me is that i'm outgoing. I love talking to new people because you never no what is around the next corner, and i love making new friends.
I no how to balance my school, my friends, and work. I have to be balanced every day and have time management with my everyday schedule.
I am a determined person inside and out, when i put my mind to something i am determined to get it done. For example, my job at Dominos, i called them five times before they gave me a job interview and i ended up getting the job because of my determination.
Self Starter
I have made my own website to sell handmade items on because of how hard it was to get a job for the first time. So i made that website to get money until i earned a job.
Online Skills
I have made my own website, and i sell things online, and i have a lot of self taught experiences.
I am very good at multitasking i am faced with this all the time when i have to do multiple things at once for school, and i make sure all my work is to top standards and not rushed through.
I have been in many leadership positions, for example when i babysat i had to take charge and have them listen to me, also at school with group projects i am the one to usually stand up and take charge.


David Castillo (619) 887-8018

Marcia Chiles (619) 249-5280

Tami Maholland 1-951-285-4951