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A patient and diligent worker, eager to use my developing knowledge and skills in the working field to both further my experience; and play a dependable role as part of a team or as an individual.

Work experience

Jan 2016July 2017

Cook / Kitchen Help

Resto Tuxen

 Cleaned food preparation areas, cooking surfaces, and utensils

  Cooked and packed batches of food such as hamburgers and fried chicken which were prepared to be ordered.

 Cooked the exact amount of items ordered by each customer, often tweaking the meal to meet their preference.

 Measured ingredients for specific food items to be prepared.

 Operated large-volume cooking equipment such as a steamer, deep fryer, and grill.

 Washed, cut, and prepared food designated for cooking.

 Cleaned, stocked, and restocked work stations.

 Pre-cooked items such as bacon to be used later.

 Sometimes worked directly with customers by bussing tables and serving drinks.

 Ensured workspace was kept neat and tidied (mopped floors, cleaned dishes, organized workspace)


Pet Care


 Frequently relieved the stress of being in a different environment by playing with, and walking dogs.
 Provided basic care for animals while following their daily routines.
 Ensured the safety and well being of the animal, even gaining experience with animals recovering from surgery.
 Provided care for animals in a familiar, calm environment to ensure their own comfort.
 Familiar with basic care of animals such as horses, dogs, cats, small mammals, pot-bellied pigs, reptiles, birds and exotic animals
 Mucked stables and kept horses fed, hydrated, and brought them in and out of their stalls when necessary.
• Obliged to the wishes of pet owners by following careful instructions.

• Gave special attention and care to special needs pets.

• Familiar with caring for elderly pets

• Took care of wounded pets and ensured their medication was administered on time.

 Provided in-home pet care services such as on-leash walks, overnight sitting, cleaning of litter boxes, cleaning of cages, water bowls and filling food dishes.

• Available for emergency calls and last minute requests.


Odd Jobs


• Worked in varying conditions, often for long periods of time.

• Tasked with lifting and carrying at least 60 Ibs at times.

• Took on various jobs namely involving the upkeep of the outside of a home such as painting and fixing fences, raking leaves, cleaning property, and similar tasks.

• Furthered my experience in working independently and being trusted to complete certain jobs.


Mar 2013Aug 2013


Le Relais

• Upkept kitchen by keeping  area clean by sweeping, mopping, wiping down and disinfecting as well as taking out the trash.

•  Worked under pressure on busy days alongside a small team of people in the kitchen.

 Delivered washed dishes to various locations throughout the restaurant.

 Washed and sanitized dirty dishes by hand and by using a dishwasher.

•  Food handling.from deserts to breakfast, lunch and dinner meals




Dawson College

 English Literature Student 



Massey Vanier Regional High School

 Member of The Presidents Club (2011)
 Student council representative (2013)
 Winner of the bronze medal for Animal Sciences in the Science Fair (2013)
 Awarded in History and Citizenship (2013)
 Recognized as top student in English Language Arts (2014)
 Offered my helping hand to the school as a representative, undertaking the organisation of certain events and playing a specific role in each.
 Participated in fundraisers in my school such as The 30-Hour Fast.
 Participated in The Kaleidascope Dance Show for 3 years.
 Graduated with Diploma (2014)


Written communications

My interest in English Literature leads to appreciable written communication skills.


I am dependable as an independent worker.

Willingness to learn

I am a hands on learner who possesses a desire for knowledge and picks up on things very quickly.


I am dependable as a team player.


I am a very neat and organized person, which shows in my work.

Hard Working

I am a self-motivated person who prides themselves in hard work.


Examples of previous clients for pet care can be found below.


Bonnie Parsons - Warehouse Supervisor at L.E.K


[email protected].com 

Carrie Davies - Business Owner for Resto Tuxen

Contact details and details for additional references available upon request