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Work experience

Feb 2015Present

Business Development Analyst

Ossiaco Energy
Business Development Analyst, Define and write policies and processes to meet internal targets and client needs Write and review contracts, communications and documentation for potential clients and partners with a primary focus on private fund-raising and government grants for our smartgrid technology Market research and data analysis to identify business opportunities and potential competition Ensure compliance with provincial and federal legislation Analyze and fulfill certain IT and operational needs such as software license compliance and website development
Jan 2011Present

Business Development

Advisor, ASP Arts and Science Productions Inc
Business Development. Ad hoc support to the president on marketing and business development initiatives Review and write supplier and client agreements Recruit and interview potential candidates for hire Research, translate and write proposals for clients Conduct summary reports, audits and evaluations of client satisfaction Manage client relationships and correspondence Perform general administration, reporting, budgeting and accounting operations
May 2015Sep 2015

Service Analyst, Service Management

Service Analyst,, Optimize the IT operational efficiency of the key services in the global IT catalogue available to 40 000 users Review roles, resources, governance and service structures to identify services ripe for improvement and implement cost-saving solutions without compromising the user experience Created the standard KPI reporting formula and automated the data collection process for client-facing services(cell phones, web conferencing, workstations, telephony, etc.) Continuous analysis of report results to ensure internal targets are attained and industry standards are met Re-branded and marketed the global IT catalogue to account for new organizational realities and exploited statistical data to attract increased traffic
Jul 2012Aug 2014

Service Analyst

Technological Products and Solutions Group, SNC-Lavalin
Service Analyst, Researched, developed and launched turnkey services in the IT catalog that respond to specific business needs Executed economic and strategic cost benefit analyses of services before going into production Established key performance indicators and periodically audited services to maintain service quality and identify opportunities for improvement Implemented data backed solutions when benchmarks were not met Analyzed and calculated cost recovery fees with the Finance group Collaborated and interacted with members of the procurement(inventory/purchasing), user support, allocation, product development and technical teams Wrote, developed and implemented service documentation(processes, service level agreements, training material, user guides) and provided post-implementation support Authored and translated communications to the company at large Coordinated global geographic availability of services and products and standardized delivery process workflows Managed software licenses and compliance initiatives Analyzed incidents, documented solutions and followed up with clients to ensure satisfaction


School for Girls


McGill University

Senior Management Representative-McGill Bargaining Simulation


Commerce-Marianopolis College

High School Graduate

The Study School