The position of Assistant, Fashion Direction at HBC is an opportunity I would be enthusiastically grateful to fulfill. The Hudson's Bay Company is such a highly regarded, reputable and vastly successful global brand which I have loyally followed for many years. I am available at your earliest convenience to further discuss my experience and learn more about this exciting opportunity.

I am an excellent candidate for the position of Assistant, Fashion Direction. I am committed, collaborative, responsible, eager & willing to learn and grow, with confident communication skills and exemplary attention to detail. With my combination of work experience and education, the position of Assistant, Fashion Direction will be a wonderful fit. Working in many different and diverse positions within the fashion industry for almost a decade has led me to have a very full and intricate understanding of the industry. Working on, and with many different teams throughout my career has allowed me to understand everyone's needs and work tirelessly to assist in anyway possible to fulfill collective goals. I am very passionate about the fashion industry and I am constantly keeping up with multiple sources and publications to always be up to date on current events, trends and moments throughout the global industry. 

Most recently, I was the E-Commerce Manager at Pink Tartan. The job was extremely fast paced with huge amounts of project management to ensure tight and strict deadlines were met. Alongside the CEO, I was responsible for creating and executing the seasonal marketing, social media and online presence direction. Upon approval, I worked as the liaison between the head office and the retail locations to ensure the direction was clearly and confidently communicated and cohesively executed. Additionally, I was responsible for all day to day e-commerce operations which included, but was not limited to photography, photo editing and retouching, copy, uploading, merchandising, customer service and all graphic design for e-blasts, banners, invitations and ads. Furthermore, I managed all PR requests and coordinated the necessary steps to ensure all requests promptly fulfilled. Lastly, I was responsible for managing the calendar and schedule of the CEO and assisting her at all local appointments. 

I have a Retail Buying Certificate from George Brown College, which I completed while maintaining my role as E-Commerce and Showroom Manager at I was responsible for managing and maintaining all e-commerce related aspects of the company. Furthermore, I was the direct liaison with all retailers and responsible for the constant communication with vendors and the point of contact for curating new collections, inventory, retail and consignment pricing, prompt delivery, RTV, inventory tracking, billing, commissions, and sales and sell through reports.

Prior returning to, I was the Creative Content Coordinator at The position was a team oriented, production job in the Creative department, coordinating all the editorial and marketing productions for SSENSE, local and abroad. This position was extremely fast paced and highly diverse in responsibilities. It prepared me well for the  Assistant, Fashion Direction position as I understand the level of discipline needed when working for and representing such a globally influential company. I understand the commitment and determination needed to work in such an innovative, fast-paced, high-volume environment with tight deadlines and no margin for error.

Overall, I posses the organizational, self motivational, leadership and team oriented skills to be highly successful as
the Assistant, Fashion Direction at the Hudson's Bay Company. One of my major strengths that has served me extremely well throughout my career is the ability to anticipate what needs to be done and effectively assist the process in any way that I can. I have incredible attention to detail and enjoy cultivating the necessary professional relationships needed to achieve company wide goals. I take immense pride in supporting my team in numerous ways to experience the highest level of success. Lastly, I would be honoured to work for such a widely well respected Canadian industry giant.

Thank you for taking the time to consider me for this position, I am very much looking forward to hearing from you.


Samantha A. Rich