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Award winning Project Manager with over 15 years of successful experience, in a face paced environment.  Over 25 years’ in the corporate world. Easy going individual who enjoys challenging and diverse roles and is confident working with technical experts from any industry.

Work experience

Aug 2015Nov 2015

Project Manager III

Project Manager III- Lead teams for various projects on the Verizon Network. Full Life Project Cycle-Management for Verizon project thru Ericsson. Project were including VOIP, Host Connect, and other IP projects. These were to create a robust network for Verizon or for Verizon customer's networks. Gathered appropriate team members and organizations from Ericsson and Verizon to create the Project Scope, Schedule and Cost Managed the project plan details and Scope, and Cost across the various organization. Presented weekly updates to executives as well as coordinated weekly team meetings for updates. Mitigated risks and changes as needed.
Jun 2014Aug 2015

Project Manager II

Project Manager II- Lead IT projects from end to end, across the Network and other organizations within Ericsson and Sprint. These projects included E911 which was End of Life Sprint, moving it to another platform; FMS decommissioning of a large database that housed Sprints wire line information; SPA E simplification process-project included creating a streamlined process for Sprint Customers to order SPA E access that would be more efficient and cost effective. Along with several other smaller projects. Prepared and presented executive presentations each week with updates on the project status Created process and changes to enable a more effective and time efficient Project Management Sprint project. Maintained all project budgets for active projects to ensure that overburn did not occur. Worked with various organizations within Ericsson and Sprint to create robust solutions to increase profit share for Sprint and their customers and shareholders. Mitigated risk and change request to the projects as required.
Apr 2012Mar 2014

Program/project Manager

Special Customer Access(SCA)
Program/Project Manager Managed Access Designs and Network connections for customers across the US, using various telecom providers. This required negotiation, network designs and ensure an excellent customer experience. Managed the development of a new strip mall for 27 stores using small independently owned telecoms provider's to ensure that the CDMA products were delivered before black Friday grand opening of the strip mall. Required network router designs, establishing cost effective routing and ensure new contract negation with telecom companies not certificated with Sprint. Managed multiple cross functional network and access teams both with Sprint and other Telecom companies. These projects were Multi-Million dollar solutions for large customers such as Scientific Games, Hawaiian Airlines, and Samsung. Designed and Project planned large scale to small scale customer products that were not Sprint standard products. Managed and designed the SharePoint website for Sprints Solutions organizations. Lead teams for projects that were customized designs for products that were not standard Sprint offering. Supported, maintained, implemented changes to Netformx database which housed all Network Designs for Sprints Customers.
Jun 2005Apr 2012


Network Solutions
Engineer Managed end to end product(Datalink) designed and Implemented Pre and Post-Sales support. Prepared and maintained all project documents. Included designing and customizing software for individual customers for their network. Established a secure connection from their end users to their network without having to traverse the Internet. Managed and trained customers, vendors and sales teams on all aspects of the product through conference calls and web conferencing. Lead and resolved project issues, customizing software for various solutions, decision making, change management, oral and written communications. Lead and implement several special assignments. Responsible for deployment of Sprint's EVDO infrastructure product with software and hardware components. Key to project management was coordination of over twelve organizations. Budget for the project was $1 billion. EVDO was Sprint's largest 2005 capital project. Specialized in Public Sector and Government entities as their contact Datalink. Developed a specialized version of Datalink that included video transmission over the EVDO infrastructure to ensure all security aspects were ensured. Programmed and designed specialized software for public sector such as police and fire departments to provide stable and fast connection. Ran various reports for trending and reporting to executives.
Oct 1997Jun 2005

Program/project Manager

Network Solutions
Program/Project Manager Managed projects on behalf of wireline and wireless networks at Sprint, across Cisco, Alcatel Lucent, Juniper and other network platforms. Led many cross-organizational and cross-divisional projects including future state architecture implementation, quality assurance, and platform decommissions. Exhibited strong leadership to effectively communicate expectation, deliverables and responsibilities across all divisions, to include development, reporting, testing and quality reviews, resulting in 95% of the projects completed ahead of schedule and under budget. Developed and implemented multimillion dollar SPA Ethernet standard Product. Facilitated conference calls, maintained and documented update statuses and requested support from internal and external vendors so that testing environments would be available at all times. Lead Call Center activities and disaster preparedness. Managed customer projects that moved their network elements voice and data from one location to another. Developed test and turn up procedures Developed Call Center protocol.
Oct 1995Oct 1997


Network Solutions
Analyst Analyzed various networks elements across the Sprint Network with 15 vendors by using Six Sigma and other various other excel reports as part of the measurement process, to ensure both Sprint and vendors were FCC compliment. Coordinated and lead quarterly meetings with vendors and Sprint to review analysis present solutions for improvement. Produced and implemented various disaster preparedness plans for any natural disasters. Successfully planned and implemented many events and coordinating countless meetings which including all levels of executives thru Network Technicians with Sprint. Implemented new process for Proactive monitoring of network elements vs reactive resulting in less down time and better service for Sprint customers in the Network Operations Call Center. Maintained and Inspired higher moral standards for the 24 x 7 Network Call Center to ensure that employees were able to be incorporate the work hard play hard concept and ensure proactive environment regardless of which shift they were working. Lead project to implement call distribution to various call centers throughout Sprint. Developed methods, procedures and training for the call center employees.
Oct 1990Oct 1995

Administrative Assistant

Network Solutions
Administrative Assistant Performed administrative and data entry functions for Procurement and Accounts Receivable organizations within Sprint. Maintained budgets for four organizations and vice president. Maintained large databases with all applicable vendors available for procurement purposes for Sprint. Processed purchasing and leases for various all organizations throughout Sprint. Maintained monthly reports of budgets for the Sprint's executive of spending expenditures and vendor ratings. Organized meetings across executives and employees for quarterly and team building activities, and reported status on the entire testing environment..