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Aug 2011May 2015

Bachelors of Science in Business Administration

Trinity University

Concentration in marketing

Sep 2013Dec 2013

Study Abroad

College Year in Athens

Work experience

Sep 2014Present

Marketing Intern and Talent Specialist - San Antonio, TX

  • Initiated content creation for email and direct marketing campaigns to increase internal and external consumer engagement
  • Extracted, organized, input, and analyzed data for marketing processes to understand success of company goals
  • Contributed to process improvement and organization for the efficiency of marketing and sales projects
  • Wrote  and edited blog posts and lead a blog series for the interest and engagement of community users
  • Posted to social media accounts to increase and maintain consumer engagement and brand awareness
  • Pulled and organized receipts and data to help with the finances and auditing of the company
  • Used URL builder for the tracking and analytics of incoming traffic of the company by an outsourced company
  • Cleaned and updated CRM system for efficiency of the sales team and for better organization in marketing processes
  • Researched new channels and opportunities for consumer engagement for the growth of the community
Jun 2014Aug 2014

Campaign Manager - Arlington, TX

Southern Spark Inc
  • Face to face customer service and engagement through direct marketing to create a positive experience with the product
  • Oversaw and managed product campaigns at event sites specializing in visual marketing and direct advertising
  • Conducted second round interviews and trained employees in order to stimulate growth of the company
  • Educated coworkers on marketing systems, sales tools and led impact meetings to maximize performance in the field
  • Tracked and recorded inventory to report product sales and losses of the events
Jul 2013Aug 2013

Final Cut Pro Intern - Cambridge, MA

Lipoedema Simplified
  • Final Cut Pro Intern Collaborated with a Cambridge College professor to develop and endorse a media awareness project
  • Utilized Final Cut Pro to create a video documentary and promote awareness for Lipoedema
  • Constructed metadata spreadsheets containing bibliographical information which were used as sources
  • Created the backbone of this video documentary using FinalCutPro by editing different audio and video pieces together
Jun 2012Aug 2012

Operations Intern - South Boston, MA.

Cengage Learning/National Geographic Learning
  • Operations Intern Engaged in many projects and tasks related to National Geographic explorers and contract agreements
  • Created PowerPoint presentations for the annual national sales meeting of the company
  • Helped to organize, design and restructure the internal website of the company
  • Extracted data and information from data systems for operational purposes
  • Created metadata spreadsheets for various content and channels and transcribed explorer video content
Jan 2013May 2013

Event Planner - San Antonio, TX

Student Programming Board
  • Created flyers and marketed events to students to raise awareness and increase participation in student body events
  • Planned annual student body events to strengthen student body engagement and unity
Jan 2013May 2013

Teaching Assistant - San Antonio, TX

Body Pump
  • Led and demonstrated fitness workouts to display the correct form of exercises to prevent injury
  • Assisted students to target and establish fitness goals, such as toning muscle and strengthening endurance