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I am 17 years old born on September 12th 1998. I have played football for two years in 2013 and 2014 and was on the wrestling team at Hillcrest High School for 3 years. I like listening to music to pass the time. I am kind of a funny person but only when I am fairly comfortable with the person I am talking to. I want to go to Riverside Community College then go to a four year University. I am looking for a part time job while I finishing up going to high school. I am available at anytime after 3:00 p.m on weekdays. 

My Future goals

 I want  to learn about business, economics and retail in college and sometime in the future I would like start my own business while buying and selling houses on the side. 


Aug 2012Jun 2016

 GPA: 3.5

Hillcrest High School

I am currently a senior at Hillcrest High School that will be graduating in June of 2016. I've never had a detention or a referral. 



I can talk to people by being asked a question and giving a clear honest answer to the best of my knowledge. 

Problem solving

If i am introduced to something new I can quickly figure out  a solution's or a compromise to the best of my ability. 


I do not get aggravated easily and have the ability to stay calm and access the situation before reacting. 


Cell: 951-858-3146 (preferred) 

Address: 11530 Victoria ave CA 92503 Riverside