Knows and have experience in directing all the processes of the furniture making industry, Windows and doors industry ,starting from procuring the timber to the painting and shipping ;

Knows in deep the problemsof wood finishing , and the best practices with automatic industrial lines andmanual.

A director of production in factories specialized in working with engineered wood panels , veneered or laminated;

I’m able to do and teach almost all operations and processes of industrial woodworking and panelworking , on several kind of machines for the realization of : semi-finished , solid wood furnitures , chairs , doors , windows , veneered wood furnitures , laminated wood furnitures premounted or inkit;

I have worked , and i’m able to work, in environments certified by ISO9001and with LEAN system; i can realize systems for the design and flux control WBS, Gantt , PERT/CPM and i can do basic work with the Six Sigma quality control system.I know industrial accountability and I can compute the Coi and operatively efficiency.

I know very well the italian marketplace and personally the big buyers of GDO and GDA

I have almost always worked with several people in a multicultural environment, in positions where the communication and the authority is all, and in situations where it’s essential to work in team to reach the common goal. My motto is: To relation with others to win all the challenges


1980 - 1983

biennio ingegneria

Universita la Sapienza
1975 - 1980

Industrial technician

itis F severi

Work experience

Work experience

Various positions


I worked in the summertime in my father’s companyin various roles

Oct 2010 - Present



Adviser Projected anewfactoryof48,000 s.q m..for theproduction ofkitchens Empire style in solid wood andrenovated production intheold factorythat produces cabinet doors in solid woodand veneeredfurniture

Feb 2008 - Dec 2008

Adviser for product’s Engineering and production


Adviser of the engineering department for the product’s design and also the production’s engineering ; I started the factory teaching also the use of the machines , in a company of 150 employees that produces now with state of the art machines : chairs , solid woodand veneered furnitures , and also with PVC finish and with particleboard panels UV printed.

The factory also hadlines of rollers based UV finishing , automatic spray UV, and a oven chamber with carousel for the poliuretanic finishing for chairs and mounted furnitures

Jan 2007 - Feb 2008

Business Development Manager – Wholesale executive


Furnitures wholesale dealer from Romania and Ukraine forthe Italian market for the medium and large distribution

Mar 2004 - Oct 2006

General Director

Lemn Service

Director : i began my work when the company with 40 employee had a monthly turnover of 35.000 euros and after 3 months and only 45 employees the monthly turnover was grown to 92.000 euros

At the end of my contract the company was sporting 95 employee and a monthly turnover of

350.000 euros
2003 - 2004

Production manager of Semifinished unit

Grup Lemn

Executive Director : my work was to coordinate and organize the production of components for tables and chairs for a company that produces only for her italian subsidiary

1998 - 2003

general manager

Mac mobila

Owner and CEO : 30 employees , monthly turnover 80.000 euros

1991 - 1998

Owner and Ceo

Maccallini Salvatore

Owner and CEO: furniture selling in a store of300 mqand 4 employees

1989 - 1991

Production Director


Executive Director :in a little factory with 35 employees 

1984 - 1989

Chief of building site


Executive Director : built from scratch 185 apartment , coordinating120 employees