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A management professional with 12+ years of exceptional track record in strategic planning, business development and operations management having added proficiency in marketing and project management, seeking a challenging position with a dynamic organization to contribute accrued skills in formulating organizational objectives and charting a mutually beneficial growth path.

Work experience

Aug 2006Present

Managing Director

Dall International Company Limited

The Company is involved in Contracting, Construction, Trade and Industry activities.Joined as Industrial Development Manager, charted a commendable growth curve to merit promotion to the current post of Managing Director.Designation Chronology:

• Jan ‘07 - Present: Managing Director• Aug ‘06 - Jan ‘07: Industrial Development Manager

Key Responsibilities as Managing Director (Jan ‘07 - Present):

  • Identifying new business opportunities, conducting risk analysis and feasibility studies, as well as recommending improvements to the management to increase revenue growth/cash flow.
  • Collaborating with consultant firms, Saudi Aramco Engineering Dept. and other departments to ascertain the selection of skilled manufacturer in Valves industry for know-how technology transfer.
  • Formulating marketing budgets and forecast as well as undertaking several cost reduction initiatives to minimize the cost and maximize profit.
  • Representing the company to businesses, industry, government agencies and officials and others in the field of Oil, Gas and petrochemical industries.
  • Building a strong external relationship with Saudi Aramco, SABIC, SWICC, SEC and other local and international major industrial companies as well as with business and industrial partners to enhance the image and reputation of the company.
  • Investigating/writing discussion papers, analysis documents and proposals, attending/ coordinating board/ committee meetings to discuss operational issues, finances and other relevant matters.
  • Providing strategic leadership to the organization in long range fiscal planning to ensure the continuity and solvency of the company as well as administration and coordination of various operations, consistent with organizational goals/objectives.
  • Developing and negotiating effective business relationships with foreign valve manufacturers to set up effective commercial deals through proposal, selection and deal finalization.
Sep 2010May 2011

General Manager

Jeddeh National Steel Factory (JNSF)

The Company is specialized in Design, Supply and manufacture of steel products.Key Responsibilities:

  • Designed, developed and implemented strategic plan in a cost effective and time efficient manner to meet long term objectives of the company.
  • Propelled growth through day-to-day management of significant issues through strategic realignment and business development solutions in line with organizational policies.
  • Researched and conceptualized business development opportunities to draw out complete business roll out plans in view of technical constraints/requirements, necessary logistical support and resultant financial viability.
  • Managed and monitored the distribution and movement of all materials between company locations and client destinations with due relevance to associated transport logistics.
  • Established/maintained efficient business relations with clients and acting as an advocate to ascertain that organization’s professional services are responsive to client's goals and objectives
  • Devised and implemented promotional and technical strategies to drive business and establish future growth objectives by planning geographical expansion and service enhancement.
  • Efficiently directed and coordinated the activities of all members of staff under purview to ensure compliance with company and industry standards while planning and restructuring strategic initiatives.
Aug 2009Aug 2010

Regional Manager

National Agriculture Marketing Company (Thimar)

Key Responsibilities:

  • Explored potential business opportunities in the entire region in line with company’s strategies, policies and standards.
  • Conceptualized turnkey marketing/business development programs, dispensed strategic instructions to key figureheads within the organization pertaining long term growth strategies.
  • Directed sales and marketing activities of the company as well as formulated strategic marketing objectives and creative ideas to maximize output.
  • Set strategic goals to meet objectives while increasing market share, developed and localized plans/programs for the region, capitalized on market opportunities by researching, analyzing monitoring financial, technological and demographic variables.
  • Worked in close contacts with the directors, business specialists and management analysts, involved in handling technical aspects of the region, whilst maintaining excellent lines of communication within the organization.
  • Planned and executed public relations activities and oversaw client relationships, responded to queries and ensured optimal levels of service and long term business relations.
  • Conducted regional performance reviews by devising performance measurement parameters, and effected strategies and measures to address shortcomings.
  • Directed, monitored and evaluated overall activities of the branch managers, oversaw their performance and motivated them to accomplish set targets.
  • Resolved customer complaints by performing required action and ensuring that appropriate changes are made to resolve issues faced by them.
  • Established complete operational structure in each region, forecasted, tracked and managed functional budget/resources to ensure adequacy to meet sales commitments and adherence to forecasts, time, cost and quality constraints.
Aug 2006Jan 2007

Industrial Development Manager

Key Responsibilities as Industrial Development Manager (Aug ‘06 - Jan ‘07):

  • Oversaw the development of new commercial and industrial space, fostering the growth of critical and emerging industry sectors in the region.
  • Developed and implemented strategies, established distribution networks for products and services in the entire region whilst monitoring compliance with company’s strategies, policies and standards.
  • Identified new business opportunities and catered to prospective inquiries, conducted risk analysis and feasibility studies, recommended improvements to augment revenue.
  • Estimated long and short-range market potential in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for management's analysis.
  • Projected yearly targets, prepared action plans/schedules and formulated initiatives for achieving the targets and provided requisite reports to the upper management.
  • Executed business models, accordingly developed strategic business plans to expand business reach and achieve organizational goals/objectives.
  • Build long term relationships with customers, delivered customized presentations, responded to queries and provided excellent customer service thus developing a large customer base.
  • Kept close tabs on market dynamics and competitor activities and devises effective marketing strategies to counter the same. Collated information and formulated strategies to optimize performance parameters and business outputs
Jan 2003Aug 2006

Marketing Manager

MADAF Trading & Contracting Company

The Company is a turnkey solution contractor serving the telecommunication, Power and construction industry.Joined the organization as Site Acquisition Manager, moved on upward career trajectories, to merit promotion to the position of Marketing Manager.Designation Chronology:• Apr ‘04 - Aug ‘06: Marketing Manager• Jan ’03 - Mar ‘04: Site Acquisition Manager Key Responsibilities as Marketing Manager (Apr ‘04 - Aug ‘06):

  • Developed/executed aggressive strategic sales/marketing plans targeted at capitalizing existing client base. Coordinated the implementation of sales plans to increase revenues/ profitability and expand market presence.
  • Established communication channels with the government authorities and with local & international multinational companies to evaluate business & future ventures.
  • Assessed market research, competitor analysis to conceptualize counter strategies, identified opportunities and submitted reports to senior management.
  • Administered tendering & bidding requirements with the division managers, technical and financial teams.
  • Scrutinized the print and visual media for possible announcement of requirements within the scope of the company.
Jan 2003Mar 2004

Site Acquisition Manager

Key Responsibilities as Site Acquisition Manager (Jan ’03 - Mar ‘04):

  • Oversaw 145 sites completed for hauwei on "Mobily" telecommunication company phase L+0, Jizan region and 50 sites completed for Motorola on Mobily L+0 Qassim Region.
  • Accountable for over 300 sites Baladia permits and SCECO Connection application for Saudi telecommunication Co. GSM network.
  • Handled all the activities of site acquisition right from site selection, drafting customer lease agreements, obtaining municipality (Baladia) approvals and permits.
  • Managed the entire site acquisition department with various teams involved getting site acquisition approvals for company’s GSM sites.




Tendering Process & Bidding
Computer Related Skills
Decision Making & Problem Solving Skills
Analytical Skills
Team Management, Motivation Skills
Interpersonal & Communication Skills
Contractual Negotiations
Knowledge of Health & Safety Standards
Strategic Sales & Marketing
Suppliers/Customer Relationship Management
Business Modeling
Project Management
Market Research & Competitors Analysis
Budgets, Forecasting & Costing
Operations Management
Plant Operations
Industrial Management
Business Development
Strategic Planning