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Hafiz Muhammad Salman

On Site Project Support Engineer

Personal Information

  • S/O :Muhammad Aziz Ullah Khan
  • DOB:16/10/1989
  • Address: CA/256-A TIPU Shaheed Road Model Town A Bahawalpur
  • CNIC: 31202-0979276-7


My goal is to become associated with a company where I can utilize my skills and gain further experience while enhancing the company’s productivity and reputation.


Microsoft Office
  • Pro efficient in Microsoft Office
  • Last used :2016
Cryp Tool
  • Network Security Software
  • Last Used 2017
  • Circuit Designing & PCB Layout 
  • Last used:2016
Cisco Packet Tracer
  • Router Configuration
  • Network Designing
  • Last used: 2016
Auto Cad
  • 2-D Modeling
  • Last used :2014
OptiSystem Software
  • Fair Knowledge of Designing Optic Fiber Networks
  • Last used 2016
Wire shark
  • Packet Analyser  Software
  • Last used : 2017
  • Operations on Signal
  • filters
  • Last used :2016

 Academic Qualification

Sep 2012Feb 2017

B.Sc Electrical (Telecommunication) Engineering

Center for Emerging Sciences Engineering & Technology Islamabad (Affiliated With Islamia University BWP)
  • Current CGPA 3.83

Major courses

  • Wireless Communication
  • Network Security
  • Computer Networks
  • Optical Fiber Communication
  • Microwave Engineering
  • Telecom Management Networks
  • Satellite Communication
Sep 2006Sep 2008

Intermediate (Pre Engineering)

Sadiq Public School Bahawalpur
  • marks 816/1100
  • 1st division,Scored 74% marks

Jun 2004Jun 2006

O Levels

Sadiq Public School Bahawalpur
  • 2 A,s
  • 2 B,s
  • Marks 630/900  
  • 70 % Equivalent

Work History


OSP Support Engineer

World Call Telecom Ltd.

Worked as a Field Support Engineer

  • Document activities, such as system problems, corrective actions and completed equipment installations.
  • Inspects site to determine physical configuration and deploying of Ariel & Duct Fiber cables.
  • Provide Support by diagnosing network & device problems & implementing technical or procedural solutions.
  • Implement or perform maintenance of ODF,s ,Backups & recovery procedures.
  • Document procedures for hardware and software installation & use.
  • Worked with team to install, remove or relocate user connectivity equipment and devices.
  • Splice fibers using Arc splicing machines such as 50S & 60S (Fujikura).
  • Installation & repairing of Network Fiber Optic cables.
  • Identifying the cause of network problems, troubleshooting using the diagnostic test software and equipment's. (OTDR JDSU 6000)
  • Create or update technical documentation for network installations or change to existing installations.
  • Managing the Telenor LOS Alarms Btw Telenor towers in a metro network.
  • Escalating the Fiber cut issues to the team Providing the technical support to the onsite team, locating the Fiber cut, Updating the N.O.C Regarding Fiber cut & supervising the team in restoring the Links within the allocated E.T.T.R. 
25 July 201715 October 2017

Intern Site Engineer

ZTE (Zhongxing Telecommunication Equipment Corporation)

Worked Under the Super vision of Site Engineer's

  • Assisting them in Providing the technical support to the field teams to execute network Hard ware & Soft ware changes.
  • Assists in Providing technical support for Diagnostics & Troubleshooting of ZTE BSS.
  • Providing assistance in supervision of the installation team as per BSS (ZTE SDR & Rectifier) equipment Istallation.
  • Providing necessary help to the Engineer's in Commissioning, Integration & Alarm testing of the installed ZTE BTS SDR 8700 (RRU based) & SDR 8900.Configuration of  Rectifier & Rectifier alarms.
  • Assists the Site engineer in Commissioning & Troubleshooting of ZTE BBU According to MO DATA provided.
  • Supervised the Commissioning,Testing & Troubleshooting of Post Alarm patching of ZTE SDR & Rectifier.
  • Assists in the Installation & Commissioning of Fuel Sensor,Temperature Sensors & upload different files with LMT Software.

11 Aug 201521 Sep 2015

Worked as an intern

Ptcl (Pakistan Telecommunication)

Switching center  & Fiber Optic Department

  • PTCLHead Office Bahawalpur

Worked under the Supervision of  S.E (Senior Engineer Switching & Senior Engineer Fiber optic Dept)

  • Assists the team in tracing the fiber optic fault and Repairing 
  • Log maintenance
  • Maintenance of Battery Banks 
  • Assisting the team in refueling of Gensets  & changing of filters 
  • Maintaining a daily log book of units and jobs carried out

Key Responsibility

  • Listing the electrical jobs to be carried out and assisting the team in getting material & manpower, Coordinating with the deployed teams simultaneously  to ensure the  tasks are performed in time.
  • Minimizing the Down time by restoring the Fiber cut within the Given E.T.T.R

Personality Traits

  • Multi Tasking
  • Energetic
  • Adaptable
  • Good communication skills both written and verbal.

Academic Projects

  • Project Name : Smart FAN                                      Control system  semester 5th

The short range Infrared Controlled FAN Designed to Save the energy Resources. Senses the presence of Person Inside a room or Lift   

  • Project Name : FSK Modulator                             Analog & Digital Communication semester 5th

FSK Modulator using 555 timer IC ,Displaying the Resultant Carrier wave using Oscilloscope 

  • Project Name : Free Energy Generator            Electric Machines Semester 3rd

Model of free energy Generator using  Dc Fan and Magnets

  • Project Name: Traffic Density Based Light Control System    Final Year Project 

A traffic light controller that allows us to control and study different situations of traffic density. We sense the density of traffic using infra-red sensors.


  • HP LIFE e-Learning course on “IT for business success”
  • HP LIFE e-Learning course on “Business communications"
  • HP LIFE e-Learning course on “Effective presentations”
  • HP LIFE e-Learning course on “Customer relationship management (CRM)”
  • HP LIFE e-Learning course on “Social media marketing”
  • HP LIFE e-Learning course on “Energy efficiency: Do more with less”
  • HP LIFE e-Learning course on “Inventory management”

Personal interests and Hobbies

  • Network Games
  • Social Networking
  • Foot Ball & FutSal


  • Urdu
  • English