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Salman Nausher



An accomplished software engineer who love develop new ideas. Utilizes my capabilities and technical skills to bring out the best of me and to be active flexible in the ever-changing technical environment to be fully devote the exposure in the organization in which I will serve.

Work History


Internee at Admission Cell, FAST NUCES, Faisalabad. Admissions 2014,Admissions 2015



P-94 Usman Block Gulshane-e-madina Sargodha road Faisalabad



B.Sc in Computer Science

National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences


Punjab College of Sciences Faisalabad




Abbottabad Public School Abbottabad



1) Crick Predict [Final Year Project]

“CrickPredict” is the project which would help the user to efficiently predict the outcome of any One Day International cricket match. The system predicts the outcome of the match before it starts .Prediction is based on the historical data which is crawled from a well-known cricket website "" which is a reliable source of cricket data. We worked on many features which might affect the outcome of the match.  For prediction purpose we are using classical machine learning algorithms which are Bayesian algorithm and K-Nearest Neighbor’s. The user just has to input team names and the Venue and the rest is our systems headache.

2) SnapHit (Samester Project)

SnapHit is an android based application. SnapHit Allows you upload your snap ,which is visible to other users, other users will rate your snap and at the end of the event winner will be decided on the rating you have got.
SnapHit also Allows you to create an event.

3) Alman's Collection  (Samester Project)

The purpose of the project is to come up with electronic commerce system that is simple and secure for users. The system will provide means by which clients can  view products browse for more information about the products, select items and collect them in shopping cart then order or buy products online.

4) Online Medical Store (Samester Project)

This project is used mainly for medical stores to maintain the details of medical store such as stock and account..This medical shop management software is so designed as to ease the work load ofmedical shop professionals. The main feature includes inventory and stock control,accounting, client management.

5) Notepad  (Samester Project)

I developed a notepad using doubly Linked list.

6) Games (Semester Projects)

Pacman  and Snake and ladder

Compute Languages

C++, Java

I have build many semester projects using c++ and java 


I have good knowledge about these languages as i have developed above mentioned projects using these languages.

Ruby on Rails 

IDE & Tools

 1)Microsoft Visual Studio 2010/2012/2013,

 2) Eclipse

3) Android Studio


1) Research on new Technology,

2) Learning New Languages and Technologies

3) Reading books


1) Urdu

2)  English

3) Punjabi


1) E-gaming

2) Table Tennis

3) Football