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Salma Elnour Rahma Mohamed

Research Coordinator


Over 5 years of microbiology  research, teaching and medical laboratory service 




Alneelain University - Sudan

Current PhD student working on genetic identification of resistance genes in Pseudomonas aeruginosa and molecular epidemiology.   



Sudan Academy of science 

Master degree in microbiology in tropical medicine, thesis title, Peritoneal dialysis infectious peritonitis improvement of conventional identification method.



The National Ribat university

Bachelor's degree in medical laboratory science. Major microbiology, minor parasitology. 

Work experience

Sep 2013Present

Research coordinator

Supreme council of education- Qatar

oversee the research plans and liaison with universities and experts for practical and scientific advise 

May 2012Sep 2013

 Branch manager

Alborg medical laboratories

Managing the branch procedures laboratory work flow quality control results check and patients service

May 2009Mar 2012

Laboratory Manager

Sudan peritoneal dialysis program
microbiology laboratory manager at the Sudan Peritoneal Dialysis
Aug 2008Mar 2012

Teaching Assistant In Microbiology

The National Ribat university

Teaching assistant in microbiology mainly virology(part timer)

 Research interests

Microbiology, Biology, Immunology, Molecular biology, genetics and Epidemiology. Research trials, scientific writing both on paper journals and on the internet and library based research tutoring, assisting and coordination.


  • Case Report: Mycobacterium abscesus peritonitis in continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis patient Sudan.

Haitham Elbir¹, Ibtihal Omer ², Hassan A Musa2, Maha A Hummeida3, and Salma Elnour² .

Indian Journal of peritoneal Dialysis 2010.

  • Case report: Francisella tularensis bacteremia a case report from Sudan

S E R Mohamed1, A I Mubaral2, L O Alfarooq2.

journal of Case report in infectious diseases 2012.

Research Activities

  • Peritoneal Dialysis Related peritonitis, improvement of conventional method to increase the dialysate culture output.

Sudan Peritoneal Dialysis Program. Khartoum 2009

  • Antimicrobial activity of the plant acacia nilotica.

Sudan Peritoneal Dialysis Program. Khartoum 2011.

  • Prevention of exit site infection of peritoneal dialysis patients.

Sudan Peritoneal Dialysis Program. Khartoum 2011.

  • Microbial contamination of fresh juice in Khartoum State.

Accurate research laboratory. Omdurman 2012

  • Association of Thyroid dysfunction with infertility.

Accurate research laboratory. Omdurman 2013.

  • Uric acid levels in preeclamptic patients attending Jebel Awlia maternity hospital.

Accurate research laboratory. Omdurman 2013.

  • AMH in infertile Women in Khartoum State

Accurate research laboratory. Omdurman 2013.

  • Antimicrobial activity of Mentha Piperita

Amina Bint Wahab High School.Doha –Qatar 2014


Team work

I have successfully undertaken various team projects within both academic and non academic environment

Problem solving

I have the ability to creatively solve the problem and systematically notice the errors and troubleshoot them.


Excellent written and verbal command of both Arabic and English, expressed through presentations and talking to the general public and essays writing.

Computer skills

Excellent use of Microsoft office and searching through the internet. R statistical programming.


I have the ability to organize and plan for groups and team work as I have experience in management of laboratories of public and private sector, Student management and research planning.


Mrs. Hanim Anwar

  • Academic vice principal, Amna bint wahab independent high school for girls
  • Mobile: +97455391023
  • Email: [email protected]

Prof. Hassan A-Aziz Mousa Mustafa

  • secretary for academic affairs of the national Ribat University.
  • Mobile +249912393971

Dr. Mohamad Ibrahim Saeed

  • microbiology lecturer at the national report university.
  • Mobile +601-23147179
  • Email: [email protected]