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Work experience

Graduate Architect Engineer



Microsoft office

As an architecture engineer i can :

  • Working closely with other professionals like surveyors and civil engineers.
  • Producing drawings and specifications for construction teams
  • Involved in designing student campus accommodation and associated facilities.
  • Identifying customer requirements and attending meetings on site. 
  • Helping to co-ordinate technicians and craftspeople.
  • Assessing the impact a building will have on the local environment. 
  • Ensuring building projects are completed within budget and schedule. 
  • Liaising with local authorities and regulatory bodies re: building regulations. 
  • Helping to prepare company tender applications. 
  • Writing design and technical reports.
  • An understanding of all aspects of the design and procurement process.
  • Excellent interpersonal and presentation skills. 
  • Responsible for specifying the nature and quality of materials required..

Career Objective

   I am seeking a good opportunity where I can use my skills and knowledge to the best of the company and its progress. I have a good knowledge base about construction properties and good at modeling architectural designs and concepts. I prove myself efficient in creating blueprints for construction and possess a good personality and healthy relations with fellow colleagues.


ENG.Mustafa elsayed                                            (+966552335122)

SENIOR ENG.mohammed gasim                         (+966564400181)