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Salma Abd El Monem abd el motaleb



Nov 2011Jun 2016


cairo university faculty of engineering computer departement

current GPA of grade A and rank 4


computer skills

Good command of computer skills gained as a computer engineering student. Excellent self learning skills
Quickly learn and get familiar with new subjects and tools  

academic skills

Programing languages : c++,c,c # ,java script,html,css,python(basics).
Online courses : currently studying embedded system shape the world on edx

communication skills

good communication skills gained through my experience in team works in College projects).

leadership skills

good as team leader assistant and maintain the coherence and the good spirit of the team

academic projects

  1. Object oriented based flowchart designing and simulating project using c++ on visual studio
  2. A c# sudoku puzzle game on visual studio.
  3. Native 3D game using OpenGL and implemented by c++ under linux on eclipse.
  4. Data base windows application using Microsoft sql server sing c# on visual studio.
  5. Garage simulation project using parallel port ,sensors, keypad and actuators and c# GUI and hardware circuit.
  6. Countries flag recognizing project based image processing on matlab.
  7. Data compression project based multimedia course using c# on visual studio.
  8. small microprocessor using vhdl on modelsim.
  9.  micro controller using vhdl on medlsim and synopthis  .
  10. microprocessor  using vhdl on medelsim.
  11. cloud computing  using go language .
  12. hybrid mobile application called "dear diary".


First place in the ideal student competition , Cairo university faculty of engineering     2014 – 2015