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Work experience


Web Developer


Platform: Html, CSS, Javascript, Php, Mysql.

Description: This is an e-learning portal website, available for ecourses. This website contains tutor's area and learner's area, in tutor's area tutors have access to register to create an account and login to submit their tutorials live and videos both and in learner's area learners have access to register to create an account and login so that they  can login to get online course for both live and videos.

Responsibility: For this project I used html, css, and javascript to develop front end(client side) part, and I used php to develop server side program. For database part I used Mysql to develop database and required tables.


Web Developer

Furniturewalas Inc

Platform: Php, CSS, Javascript, Mysql


It’s an ecommerce website which contains both customer’s area and admin area for login and registration. When customer has to buy products then they have to login, or if they don’t have an account then they have to create an account and then they will be purchasing products and they can checkout.


I developed this project based on e-commerce feature. I used php, css and javascript for frontend coding, and Mysql for creating database and backend and establishing connection with frontend. I used wordpress as platform or content management.


Web Developer

LetmeHire Inc

Platform:  PHP, CSS, Mysql


It’s an e-commerce website which contents customer’s area for log in and registration in order to checkout for products.


I worked on this project as a php developer, I used word press as a platform and applied php codes over it also I used CSS as well and I used mysql for backend to create database and to establish connection with the frontend.


Web Developer


Platform:  Oracle taleo


It’s a career section of which has two part basically one is recruiter part and other is candidate part. Recruiter has to log in to post new recruitment and to check new application submitted by the candidate and if recruiter select a candidate for hiring then he has to pass the candidate profile through candidate selection workflow after successfully finishing each step if candidate has qualified for selection then the recruiter will create an e-offer and send it to the candidate finally.


I worked on recruiting part of taleo so I have to create section for both recruiter and candidate, I created forms for different level of application flow based on candidate type whether he/she is internal or external also based on recruitment type as well. I had to create career section for both desktop version and mobile version as well. 


Web Developer


This project is about on boarding to for on boarding candidate those are hired by xilinx. This includes multiple forms for multiple purposes, there are two types of forms one for HR and the other one is for the candidate. If HR will login then it will redirect him to the HR area. Where he/she has to pass on boarding process and when a candidate will login then it takes him/her to the candidate area where he/she has to finish the task.

I used to create the forms for on boarding process, there was different type of forms for different type of task I used to create forms for every consecutives steps for on boarding where the candidate has to complete the tasks also I created agreement form according to the government’s policy of that country which the candidate has to agree that terms and conditions.

I used "oracle taleo" as platform.


Java Developer

Infomak Technologies
  • Developing windows front end application and GUI.
  • Reports tuning.
  • Creating database and making connection.
  • Setup between front end and back end.

Technology:  Java

Frontend:  Core java, swing

Backend:  Mysql, wamp server.


It’s a windows based GUI project which contents of 5 modules and it has 2 areas first is customer area and other is admin area. This project is for managing check in and checkout process and updating customer’s status.


I worked as a developer; I have been working on both frontend and backend as well on this project. I used java swing for frontend and mysql for backend and used wamp server for establishing database connection.

Extra-Curricular Activities



K.M.I. College

Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry


R.D.Tata High School

Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Language and literature, and

Persian as an international language. 


To me playing games is my hobby ..................find a direction to reach your point to complete your objectives is an enthusiasm................. because you are the one who is gonna have to end this ............................................. so be it. 


English :-  Fluent in speaking, reading and writing.

German :- Fluent in speaking, reading and writing.