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Cover letter

Dear Madam / Sir : 

I would be most interested in obtaining an opportunity for a position of an interior designer /fit-out engineer in your organization; I have the ability with my academic background and strengths to do this job. And beyond that ability, I offer an additional quality that makes me the good person for that, my drive for excellence. By putting every part of myself into achieving it, throughout my academic study, I have consistently strived to become the very best I can become. I have a Bachelor of Interior Design and skilled to do fit-out design, furniture design, work shop drawings, design coordination and site supervision. My resume is enclosed for your review and consideration, thank you for taking time to consider my application. I am looking forward to hearing from you regarding the status of my application, and I am glad to provide you with any additional information needed. In advance, thank you for your time and attention, I look forward for your response. Yours Sincerely,

Personal information

Full Name : Salama Mohammed Fayyad

Date of Birth : 1 st, 1989 Jordan - Amman

Nationality : Jordanian

Marital Status : Single



Work experience



Costom Made

Designing T-shirts and printing


Sale's man

All stars motors

Selling cars and follow up with the decoumnents

Jun 2013Mar 2014

Interior design

Shade and Shadow
  • Redesign for standard room and suite ( Syria hotel)
  • Designing and making the shop drawings for Clinic in (JABAL AMMAN)
  • Designing and making the shop drawings / commercial 
  • Designing & furnishing interiors / residential
  • Preparing the joinery works .


Highly motivated & goal-oriented young professional committed to pursuing a long term career in the field of Interior Design where my skills and abilities can be effectively utilized & added value to the Firm.
it could be interesting well based on that I would love to say it A field of being very unique creative and creating the new ways in interior design and architecture , listen 🎶 to be in design you have to have a big imagination in the space into the space like you are swimming 🏊 and diving and flying over it and into it , feel it 3D in your hand that's how to do it .


Shatha Malhis Ph.D. Architecture


The main portfolio on hand ✋.

Practical Trainings and Courses

Auto cad,3D max

Job Description

a breif about what can i do?

Before anything there is something more important ( concept design).
Design in idea into reality.

Well I do not like about my skills but I have my own way to create the space from one point linked with the interior and exterior and landscape i feel it in advance .

A very big dreamer , outgoing , down earth , Hard Worker , giving Up Is Not available .
What could I do?----------->
Interior design ; Being Into The SPace as A Swimmer With Diving till reach the bottom .
Architecture; A huge ability of feeling the idea 💡as a 3D , linked with |||||||||•••••¶∆! Interior
Grafic; a deep imagination.
Marking; Being unique.
Human source ; a good Knowledge Of Running business .



A giver of motivation
Free hand

Very good at it

Proficiency in use Microsoft suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, ..etc)
Ability to work independently as well working on a part of a team
Ability to keep updated on several types of technologies/softwares
Public speaking and presentation skills , both English - Arabic
Highly motivated , able to lerarn and take new tasks
Young and effective dynamic
Able work under pressure
Photoshop (Good)
3Ds MAX (V-Ray)(Good)
Excellent experience in AutoCAD : 2D


Note: the main portfolio is on hand.



The main portfolio in on hand ✋.


Let me tell something you may not know; it's about how much experience you have its about how much you have been focused and focusing on your life .

Focusing is the major key to get the dream.