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Sairam Santharam maintains 11 years of professional affiliation with the British-based multinational banking and financial services firm HSBC. Working in Dhaka since July 2011, Sairam Santharam has held responsibilities with HSBC Bank Bangladesh as Chief Technology and Services Officer or Chief Operating Officer. Reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer, he led a team of nearly 180 employees engaged in more than 20 distinct initiatives. Among the critical bank functions he manages are security and fraud risk, service and change delivery, software development and IT operations, administration, finance operations, and credit administration. With a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Engineering from Bangalore University in India and five years of relevant professional experience, Mr. Santharam joined HSBC Bank and, Inc., in New Jersey and New York in 2001. Over the next five years, he fulfilled a number of corporate leadership responsibilities, supervising and coordinating the infrastructure builds and rollout of 70 development environments within the firm’s global operations. From 2006 to 2008, Sairam Santharam’s focus was on transitioning the HSBC Bank’s Asia Pacific sites to full use of second-generation IT banking infrastructure. He notably directed a team of 20 engineers and external consultants, conceptualizing and developing a standardized online banking system for use in 18 countries. This proposition laid the foundation for HSBC Premier, the firm’s top online banking product for the mass affluent segment. In 2008, Mr. Santharam joined HSBC Bank Hong Kong, where he spent three years as Senior Programme Manager Asia Pacific and in other technology management capacities. He spearheaded an Information Technology Operations (ITO) strategy that involved the management of teams in India and China. Sairam Santharam also played a central role in the implementation of telepresence, corporate sustainability initiatives for Managed Print Services, and total quality management methodology that drove efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Sairam Santharam contributes to several charitable organizations, including ActionAid International and Joy of Giving. He is in the Next Generation Leadership development programme for HSBC. 

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