Playing chess, Walking, Singing and playing keyboard, Making new ideas, Digital photography.


Many Years of extensive professional experience working with PC & MAC computer Extensive. Graphic designing skills with programs such as Protel, Eagle, Photoshop on both PC & MAC. Programming AVR Microcontrollers, assembling and repairing computer hardware and software, networking, lost data recovery and also designing simple yet efficient websites.

Work experience

Work experience
Sep 2003 - Present

Funder & Technisian

Crystal Bridge Ent LTD

PC & MAC hardware and software troubleshooting. Home server and network setup, Upgrading old computers hardware. Security protection.lost data recovery. Computer accessories setup such as IP Cam, IP servers, Printers, Computer assembling, Etc.

Jun 2009 - Feb 2010

Host & Technical Support

Tabo Productions INC.

TV Host. Editing. Tech and web Support.

Mar 2002 - Aug 2004

Senior Technician

MDMI Technologies Inc

Design and programming electronic micro-controllers toward automation to make medical devices, making prototype jigs and robotic systems, solving problems and inventing new electromechanical systems. Consulting and Solving any technical issues,Etc.  

Mar 2000 - May 2003

Sells Person

Libra Room

Sells and accounting management.

Jun 1989 - Nov 1999


Gold and Watch Store

Jewelry and wristwatch retail store.

Mar 1984 - Nov 1987


Tehran Telecomputer

Computer sciences teacher


1998 - Present

Pouya Success

10, 2 and 1Channel World Phone Remote Control and Alarm System ' TeleControl'. I invented this electronic circuit board in Iran and I've provided to so many of home, office restaurant users, also I've installed a few in Canada on a restaurant and few of home users.

Jun 2008 - Sep 2008


Cellphones Hardware & Software Repair & Services

1998 - 2000


Albourz School

Electronics digital designing and microcontrollers programing (FPGA, AVR, PIC).

1987 - 1987

Albourz School

Photoshop and Auto cad graphic designing six months course.

1983 - 1985


Tehran Tele Computer

Basic 77 Programming .



Designing Simple Websites


  · Ability to multi-task · Ability to learn new tasks quickly · Self-motivation · Self-starter · Excellent customer service skills · Ability to work under minimal supervision · Ability to solve problems and “think on feet” · Exceptional organizational skills · Technically-minded and proficient with computers