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Work experience


Creator & Director

Don't Hate, Educate!

In response to the critical cultural clash of the Danish cartoons crisis in 2006, I've created a volunteer initiative under the slogan "Don't Hate, Educate"  aiming to encourage better cross-cultural understanding. Zero-net is now an award-winning project with supporters all over the world.

I've turned my unique experience on Zero-net into a series of creative workshops to inspire youth around the world on effective cross-cultural communication, conflict resolution, diversity and sensitivity in addition to my signature workshops: Success on Zero-Budget, Social Entrepreneurship and Global Citizenship. The workshops were delivered in both Arabic & English in private and public educational institutes and NGOs, as well as for multicultural audiences locally and internationally in person and remotely via video conferencing and on Second Life.

In spring 2010, I was invited to an informal family lunch with the Danish Royal Family during their visit to Cairo and was commended on my efforts on cross-cultural communication. (Please click the Facebook group image on the right sidebar of this page for details and pictures of zero-net's successful events)


Independent Trainer & Consultant: Culture, Localization & Soft Skills


As an independent consultant for prominent multi-national corporate clients as well as local businesses, I have gained extensive experience in interactive instructional techniques, coaching and facilitation skills. I was also offered frequent travel around the world and face-to-face interaction with numerous cultural groups.

Using my cross-cultural experience and interpersonal skills, I made the most out of this rich learning and growth experience.  

I've delivered workshops and training courses on applied communication, presentation and negotiation skills as well as consultations for image and corporate identity, online and web communication and PR, and networking.


Expert In Residence For Communication & Presentation Skills

The American University in Cairo (AUC) - Women Leadership Center (WEL)

I deliver intensive training on applied Communication, Presentation and Negotiation Skills to women leaders and entrepreneurs, in addition to continuos one-on-one mentoring for graduates to ensure successful implementation of the skills learnt in the classroom.

I'm working as part of a professional certification and capacity building program funded by Goldman Sachs and designed by the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in collaboration with the AUC to provide business and management skills for women entrepreneurs in developing countries. The program brings together world renowned university faculty, multinational corporations, nonprofit institutions, and community and business leaders to share their knowledge and expertise with the learners.


Trainer & Consultant

The Association for Women’s Total Advancement & Development

I deliver creative workshops, training sessions, and consultations on communication & cross-cultural issues for women entrepreneurs of various social levels.

This is an NGO focused on empowering women of all cultural and financial levels. I participate in their public events for the middle and upper class offering self improvement topics. In parallel, I also design and deliver tailored capacity-building workshops for small underserved local communities of working women in rural areas. 


Independent Writer, Editor & TV Presenter

The Middle East Times/ IOL / ART Satellite TV

I've always enjoyed writing on personal development, creativity and communication issues. Since 2002 I've also added diversity, cross-cultural communication and Muslim-West relations to my writing portfolio.

I was a section editor on travel, wellbeing and lifestyle in a leading magazine in English.

Stemming from my ongoing practical experiences, I've also offered interactive online dialogues sessions and consultancies to leading websites and portals.

Additionally, I have hosted and presented several live events and TV programs related to the same issues.

Feb 2011Present

Columnist & Talk Show Host

Algareda News

I have documented my observations from the Egyptian Revolution in images and articles in both Arabic & English. I also began a series of public lectures and talks in Egypt and abroad, and as a result I have featured in numerous media channels locally and internationally. Eventually, I joined Algareda team to utilize my communication and media skills in this time of monumental transformation for Egypt and the region. 

I write a regular column in Arabic focusing on the current situation in post-revolution Egypt. And in addition, I also host an online talk show showcasing creative initiatives and projects to re-build Egypt. The brief videos in English can be found on my video channel


Master Trainer & Localization Consultant

Intel Learn Program

As Master Trainer, Lead Evaluator and Localization Consultant at Intel Learn Program in Egypt, my role was central in linking between the HQ at Intel USA and the local implementation teams in Egypt. In addition to adjusting the complete instructional package for local use in Arabic tailored for underserved communities, I've attended a certification TOT in Arizona USA on advanced interactive learning and training techniques for professionals, then instructed the first batch of public school teachers on delivering the program, and followed up with them and the thousands of learners during implementation, reporting and preparation of graduation projects. 

Intel Learn was developed with governments and non-governmental agencies to empower youth in underserved communities. It helps them develop the 21st century skills they’ll need to succeed in the knowledge economy. The interactive curriculum focuses on teaching digital literacy, critical-thinking and collaboration skills, it has reached more than one million learners and has been deployed in 13 countries.


Localization Consultant - Business Edge


As Localization Consultant for Business Edge, I was responsible for adjusting and fine-tuning the content, language, and overall identity of the training manuals, presentations and learner material for the Personal Productivity Skills course used to train SMEs in the Egyptian market.

Business Edge is a world-class training system for small & medium-sized businesses in developing countries, backed by The International Finance Corporation (IFC) and delivered by certified local trainers.


Soft Skills Instructor

Vision Consulting

I've Designed and conducted various trainings and workshops for multinationals in Egypt on effective communication, team building, creative & critical thinking, and presentation skills.

Vision Consulting is a well-known privately owned consulting office, with an extensive network of local, regional and multinational clients in Egypt and the MENA region.


L'ecole de La Saint Famille

This was one of the numerous Catholic schools in Egypt teaching languages and social skills. It was located in the rich Cairo suburb of Helwan, which was -back then- an acclaimed international spa and health retreat. The teachers were all European Catholic nuns and their convent was part of the school. The teaching language was French with Arabic as a second language. 

This was my first hands-on cross-cultural and interfaith experience, which combined with my multi-cultural and Islamic experience in Saudi Arabia have formed the success foundation of my work today.

May 2005Present

TOT for Master Trainers

Intel Foundation

This was offered to me as part of a project contract with Intel Foundation to consult for their Intel Learn Program in Egypt. The TOT and roundtable workshops included professionals from 8 countries.



Helwan University

The Faculty of Tourism and Hotel Management was one of the elite higher education faculties in the 80's. It was exclusively available for high-scoring students who could also come recommended from professionals and pass a rigorous personal interview, focused on appearance, interpersonal skills, general knowledge, languages, and social background. According to the Dean, I was the first student in the history of the faculty to score full marks in the admission interview. I graduated top of my class with Highest Honors and was elected Model Student throughout the 4 years of study.

In addition to academic success, I was presented with several national awards in extra-curricular activities in art, culture and volunteer activities. I was selected by the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to participate in student exchange programs in Europe and Japan, and I was appointed to receive and assist world leaders and international celebrities to the premier night of the 1st show of Opera Aida at the Pyramids.

During my study, I was also succeeding in internship programs at giant multinationals such as General Motors and American Express, and soon after graduation I was offered a prestigious position at international hotel chain Le Meridien. 


High School

Dar Al Tarbeya School

Girls education was a novelty in Saudi Arabia when I first arrived there with my parents in the early 70's. in Jeddah, there were many new public schools for girls offering free education, and only two private schools. Dar Al Tarbeya was one of them. It was housed in a palace donated by Princess Juwhara, daughter of King Faisal, and was attended by the female members of the Saudi Royal family along with a carefully selected group of students from other Arab nationalities. The teachers were top notch and the curriculum was adapted from international sources. Arabic was the main language of education, while English was taught as a second language and used in science labs as well.

While going to school in Jeddah, my family also had access to The Dunes Club, the private sports and social club inside the American Embassy premises, which was the main meeting point for the foreign and diplomatic community in Saudi Arabia at that time, in addition to the elite of the business community.


Classroom Management & Facilitation
Media Appearances
Writing & Editing
Cross-Cultural Communication
Interpersonal Skills


Media Exposure

Online Presence



I’m an independent instructor, writer and consultant on creative communication and cross-cultural issues, as well as motivational and inspirational public speaker. My experience spans more than 20 years of international exposure in public events, radio & TV programs, and print and online media. I’ve written articles and delivered numerous workshops, trainings and lectures to multinational audiences in 25 countries.

As a natural leader and people-person in multi-cultural environments, I derive my self motivation from being a catalyst of positive change, enjoying learning as well as teaching, using my interpersonal, creative and positive thinking skills to acquire and share life experiences.

Talkes & Lectures:

- Keynote speaker at His Majesty King Carl Gustaf Young Leadership Seminar at the Swedish Royal Palace to talk about Leadership in Difficult Times. The other keynote was His Excellency Mr. Jan Eliasson, UN Deputy Secretary General and President of the UN General Assembly

- Closing keynote speaker at the Media Evolution Conference attended by 1000 international media professionals

- Keynote speaker at the conference on Place, Nation and Border,  Linnaeus University, Sweden

- Received standing ovations for my talks at prestigious American and European universities: 

Harvard University, Graduate School of Education

Chicago University, Center for Middle Eastern Studies

Georgetown University, Center for Christian-Muslim Understanding

Suffolk University, Graduate School of Business

Malmo University, Faculty of Culture and Society

Lund University, The Association of Foreign Affairs

Linnaeus Univeristy, Center for Global Studies

Södertörns University, School of Gender, Culture and History

In addition to many public lectures and workshops at Cairo University, The American University in Cairo, The German University in Cairo and The Cairo Culture Wheel. Affiliations:  - Member of the Swedish Speakers Club Talarforum

- Member of The Ibero-American Institute of Education for Peace and non-Violence (Instituto Iberoamericano de Educación para la Paz y la Noviolencia)

- Director of the award-winning volunteer initiative Don’t Hate, Educateto promote respect for diversity & cross-cultural communication. 


- Endorsements and praise for my work: click here 

- Guest of Honor at a private dinner at the Swedish Royal Palace with His Majesty King Carl Gustaf , H.R.H Prince Daniel and H.E. Jan Eliasson UN Deputy Secretary General.

- Selected among the Women Leaders for the World by the University of Santa Clara, California- Invited to meet H.R.H Price Henrik of Denmark and members of the Danish royal family in Cairo- Invited to meet H.R.H Japanese Crown Prince Naruhito in Tokyo

- Harvard Crimson:"Her presentation culminated in a standing ovation and left some attendees in tears" video

- The Swedish Leadership Magazine: cover photo with main feature title "She Will Change The World" 

- Guest speakers in lecture series I contributed to include Robert Fisk, Noam Chomsky, Tariq Ramadan, Kofi Anan.

- My portrait appears in upcoming book and international exhibition "We Have a Dream" by international photographer Albert Wiking, featuring world thinkers and leaders such as the Dalai Lama, Tawakkol Karman and Nelson Mandela. 

- Appeared in numerous international media as leader and role model and as a guest in documentaries and programs on international TVs in The United States, Europe, Scandinavia, North Africa and Arabia

Key Skills:

- Bi-lingual professional speaker, trainer, moderator, facilitator and writer with extensive experience and solid achievements in communication and diversity issues.

- Motivational & inspirational public speaker within challenging multi-cultural environments.

- Professional classroom management and energetic delivery skills, a sense of humor and an engaging style encourage participation and create an enjoyable learning experience.

- Creative experience in advertising and media create a unique style of designing, delivering and applying training material based on creative visuals.

- Experience ranges from one-to-one mentoring, to stadium-size public events, with equal effect and success.

- Clients range from start-up local companies to multinational giants.

- Published writer on personal development and cross-cultural issues in Arabic and English


Paul Beran, PhD

Director, The Outreach Center

Center for Middle Eastern Studies

Harvard University

"Sahar El-Nadi’s documentation of the Egyptian revolution from Tahrir Square brings to focus the individual realities of the protests. Revolution, freedom, dignity -- and working to gain them on a greater level- are terms associated with the Egyptian protests. They are rarely captured so well as in the film clips and still images presented by El –Nadi.  No doubt her work will provide a roadmap for the  new Egyptian experience."

Magid Mazen

Professor of Management

Suffolk University

"Sahar's presence in Boston was such a treat to us. She deserved every minute of the long standing ovation she received following her presentation on the Egyptian revolution at Harvard University. I've invited her to present on transformational leadership during my class for grad students at Suffolk University, they were very grateful and impressed with her outstanding content and style." 

David Carrasco


Harvard Divinity School 

"Sahar El-Nadi’s powerful and insightful presentations takes us directly into the streets, faces, emotions, humor and lives of the Egyptian people who began a momentous transformation of their society that also transfixed the world with the Egyptian Revolution.  Working from photographs and film that she took while participating in the astonishing human ‘comunitas’ that brought a new life to Tahrir Square and indeed all of Egypt, Sahar El-Nadi’s narrative describes and explains in clear and penetrating terms the peaceful nature of this struggle and the emergence, for at least the time being, of a new human possibility of freedom, cooperation and democracy in our world. Those who participated in and remember the singing, marching, courage and transformative spirit of the Civil Rights struggle in the US will be revitalized through her work."


Darah Rateb

Managing Consultant, The Visionary Consultants Group, UK

“Sahar is an excellent advocate of World-West relations and cross-cultural conflict resolution. She is a global citizen who is fully aware of the difficulties created in our globalized world. Through her very creative and professional methods, she has used her excellent communication and people skills to advocate the concepts of diverse inclusiveness. She is a skilled writer, trainer, and speaker on issues dealing with Muslims in the West and particularly Europe.”

Mahmoud A. Elmihi

Senior Risk Manager, Middle East & Africa, Oracle Corporation

“Sahar is a pleasant and generous person with strong dedication, she never would back down from any challenge that gets thrown her way. She is a creative thinker that holds great pride in her work, especially in the field of cross-cultural communication. Dealing with Sahar has been always a pleasure and I'd like to thank her for her effort in the field of cross-cultural communication especially the "Don’t Hate, Educate" campaign.”

Anastasia Stolovitskaya

Program Officer, Global Citizen, Denmark

“I have been involved in an intercultural and interreligious dialogue project between Denmark and Egypt which Sahar generously contributed to by her facilitation sessions. Sahar impressed me a lot from the first minutes of acquaintance with her extraordinary commitment to the subject, her inspiring presentation style and her mastery of the subject of cultural dialogue. Since then, Sahar has made a deep impact on me with her dedication for any work she has been involved in and the efficiency she invests in her work. With her strong and vivid personality, Sahar has been a role model for me and my colleagues, and she has my warmest recommendations for any employer who will be lucky to have her as a staff member or a consultant.”

Nadine Salaheldin

Senior Business Consultant, British Petroleum

“Sahar is a very special individual, she's self motivated, extremely proactive and very well-organized. She can think on her feet and is able to handle tough situations in a very reasonable and objective manner. She can think out of the box and see the big pictures, nevertheless she's a very good analyzer and is detail oriented, which is a unique combination. She has a vast multi-cultural awareness and is definitely a successful leader.”

Amr Hussein Wafik

Regional Technical Computing Engineer, Shell Exploration and Production

“Sahar is one of very few consultants in her area worldwide. She is very determined and knows exactly her objectives and goes for them. She has a long experience with multicultural issues and she is also well connected and very good in networking. Working with Sahar or even knowing her has been a great honor for me, she is really a person that anyone would like to know and work with.”

Mohammad ElRayes

Marketing Director, FMCG, Dubai

“Sahar has many talents, I attended one of her several training sessions in addition to having dealt with her in business on several occasions. She proved to be very creative, open minded and with great integrity and values. She brilliantly managed multiple challenges at the same time showing her determination, vast knowledge and multi-tasking abilities. I am sure she is a unique and valuable addition to any project.”

Vagn Olsen

Producer, Danish Broadcasting Corporation

“I first met Sahar 10 years ago and what strikes me most is the enthusiasm and dedication she has to everything she does. She is an excellent communicator.”

Ahmed Ba-Aboud

Organization Performance Advisor, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia

“Long before she created, it was very clear that she is innovative and passionate about things she does. In she has combined her great communication skills with the care for better understanding between people to create successful dialogue that proves pivotal in cultivating better view of the real world around us. Sahar is always able to inspire people around her and bring out the best in them.”

Jakob Skovgaard-Petersen

Director, Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute

“You impressed us very much Sahar! You can make things happen with a lot of different people, not only having ideas, but also actually make them come to life and inspire others in the process.”

Janique Blatmann

Center for Arab-West Understanding

“Sahar, your cross-cultural analysis is a precious contribution because it's written from a unique angle. You're not saying the same as everyone else is saying. Congratulations for your outstanding work!