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Jan 2018Expected 2022
University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Ph.D. in Computer Science,  CGPA: (4.00/4.00)

Research Area: Secure Cloud Computing, Edge Computing, Big Data, Data Mining, Machine Learning 


University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Graduate Research Assistant

  • Working on Edge Computing for User-Centric Secure Search on Big Data in Cloud.
  • Developed a Markov chain model based machine learning method which can identify user search pattern to predict future potential search word in the system to improve the search quality.
  • Developed a theory to determine dynamically sample size for the encrypted cluster data which will eventually help the system to prune the irrelevant cluster while searching.
  • Working on Unstructured Document Classification Based on Query Importance.
  • Proposed a theory to identify document classification by using the importance of query for better pruning system to search document in unstructured Big Data.

Achievement: one conference paper and another two conference paper are under processing.

Sep 2015Dec 2017

Software Engineer

  • Worked in Product Data Management Department as a Software Engineer to improve reporting service module.
  • Worked to automate fault tolerance system of the application.
  • Trained in Tampere, Finland & Gothenburg, Sweden in Valmet Corporation for two months on data management.

Achievement: Technical Lead of SolidWorks EPDM team.  

Sep 2014Aug 2015
Apsis Solutions Bd

Software Engineer

  • Worked on trial balance module of  NBFI product. Convert accounting and economics rules to code.
  • Improved reporting service module.


  • Languages: Java [object oriented programming, socket programming, RMI, web services]
  • Experienced in reporting service tool, BIRT, Crystal Report and PL/SQL DB programming.
  • Working experience on file replication system, fault tolerance system.
  • Worked on on Git, VB macro tool
  • Received training on J2EE programming


  • SOLID WORKS EPDM Application Management System [Java, DBMS, File replication, Fault tolerance system]
  • ATON PDM Application Management System [Java, BIRT, DBMS]
  • Macro Tool for PDM [, macro]
  • TECHNIA Value Components [J2EE]
  • Trial Balance for NBFI [C#, Crystal report]
  • Data Analysis [Weka, C 4.5]