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Work experience

Art Bio

A native of Baltimore, Maryland Sarah Butcher received her BFA  from the College of Notre Dame of Maryland. She is a past studio artist at The School 33 Art Center in Baltimore. Her large abstract expressionist paintings have been sold through Interior Designers and small galleries in the Baltimore Area.  She won her first art award in 1980. As an art educator Sarah excels in the integration of traditional and digital media.  Her recent work is mostly digital in a style she refers to as photo-subtractive drawing. This style incorporates a digital image with the tradtional markings of a drawing. The result are quite illustrative akin to 1960's magazine advertisements.

Her subjects are the people, places and things close by.  Her garden and daughters, Hannah and Rebecca quite frequently appear.  Sarah says " My inspiration is in the everyday commute or meditation in my backyard. Though I use digital tools, I dislike the artifice of modern life. I like to record the simple joys of the ordinary day.  

Recent Illustration work can be found in the magazine "Green Prints", "The Inked Filled Page" and "Wickcliffe, A History."

Mar 1997Present

Art Department Chair and Technology Faculty

Maryvale Preparatory School

I am a highly motivated and organized individual. In this position my responsibilities include:

  • Art and Technology teacher for middle school delivered in a collaborative environment with music
  • Graphic Design
  • Digital Photography
  • Department Chair
  • Advisory
  • Technology committee member

As an artist and an educator my philosophy is to adapt to the changing and emerging technologies and always keep present the idea that students need to be engaged differently than even 10 years ago. I have developed the digital photography and web/graphic design courses for Maryvale. I run  the Mac lab and I am comfortable with either PC or Mac.   I use Adobe CS 6 for the digital media courses.

Graphic design class is a combination of layout, typography and illustration.

My graphic design class in 2010 designed and published a book about the history of the Maryvale "Castle" entitled "Wickcliffe" Other projects include:

  • publication creation for our community service and social justice projects.
  • personal logo creation
  • keeping a visual journal
  • t-shirt design for our annual gym meet event
  • creating a published personal portfolio

Web Design projects include:

  • site creation in html and flash
  • Maryvale Illustrated, a final project web site and print publication profiling creative seniors 

 The studio art class curriculum for the middle school is centered around the elements and principles of design. I integrate digital media projects for each grade level.   I have initiated several student mural projects around campus .  I incorporate a scenery painting project each year with the middle school art classes. I would be glad to expand on my philosophies and accomplishments upon request.


Web Master Certification


Basic understanding of Network and Internet architecture.

Proficient user of HTML and HTML editing software


Excellent painting ability . I enjoy natural subjects and the figure.  I have had affiliations with galleries and interior designers I believe in the philosophy of painters like Hans Hoffman who said "As a teacher I approach my students purely with the human desire to free them from all scholarly inhibitions, and I tell them, "Painters must speak through paint — not through words."  
Excellent ability to draw from observation.  I actively practice this skill as well as teach drawing to middle school students.  I adhere to the philosophy of Betty Edwards (Drawing for the Right Side of the Brain).
Graphic Design
Abilities include knowledge of layout for print and the web. understanding of professional printing considerations application of the elements and principles of design application of digital media (Illustrator for drawing , InDesign for Layout) proficiency with Adobe Acrobat (latest version)
Digital Photography
Abilities include all aspects of digital photography Skilled as both teacher and photographer Areas of ability include: Technical and aesthetic excellence   editing and altering images   printing considerations   color management   advanced Photoshop techniques
Microsoft Office 2007
Very skilled user and teacher of Microsoft Office 2010 Teaching  and using Office since 1997
Adobe CS latest version
Knowledgeable user of the Adobe Suite. I use the products for photo editing, print and web publication and design. i use adobe creative suite in my personal work and in my teaching.  
PC Platform
Skilled in the use of a tablet PC as well as standard OS Ability to troubleshoot and advise in a multi-platform environment .
Mac OS latest version
Proficient user of the latest version of the operating system Manage a Mac lab with 16 iMacs


Digital Drawing

Murals and Scenery

Student Work


I enjoy spending time with my family, keeping fit, gardening and making art in a variety of ways.

I love photography, jewelry making, drawing, painting, and occasionally working with fiber.

 I attend local figure drawing classes and volunteer for Art organizations. 

I subscribe to several sites that offer opportunities for artists to show their work in galleries, exhibits or publications. I would like to share my art and my techniques to a broader audience.

I love to journal about my simple life on Warren Road.



     As an artist and an art educator I am always improving my personal art and my ability to convey information to my students.  I want to make use of all the tools available (digital and traditional ) to give students a well-rounded real world educational experience. For the 2010-2011 school year we introduced iPads into the curriculum. I have played a key role in developing student instruction with the iPad. I continue to push my students to understand the connections being disciplines and present them with new learning models, including challenge- based learning.

     I embrace the three C's of  21st century learning , communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.

For me, being a working artist is an essential part of being able to effectively teach art. Innovation and fresh ideas come from the process of creating art.  I find this a very exciting time to be in the field of  visual arts and education. 

I strive to meet the needs of today's learner; more visual and multi-task oriented by acting as both teacher and guide. With software applications speeding up the process of design and giving us new ways to create, artists can achieve at a higher level than ever before.

     I regularly exhibit my own art at venues in Baltimore and Frederick , Maryland. I have many pieces in private collections throughout the state. Many pieces can be viewed in my  portfolio or

A series of paintings investigat