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Sagar Jounkani

Software Engineer - Data Sciences, Myntra

Professional Overview

I have close to 3 years of experience in data analytics in the 'US healthcare' and 'E-commerce' domains. I  enjoy working on large scale data to develop insights which drive business action.  My core skills include -

  • Proficiency in SQL, Python, R, SAS and Excel
  • Exploratory data analysis and predictive modelling
  • Good communication skills, strong business acumen, high degree of initiative and a continuous learning approach

Work Experience

July 2017Present

Software Engineer - Data Sciences

Myntra Designs
  • Churn prediction model - As part of the Data Sciences team, I have been working on developing a churn prediction model for Myntra customers, the first phase of which has already been deployed. This model is a Random Forest implementation with an AUC of 87%. This model is currently helping the organization identify customers which are at risk of abandoning the platform and is helping drive a more targeted customer retention strategy
May 2016June 2017

Data Analyst - Customer Experience

Myntra Designs
  • Return item quality predictor model - The target feature recognizes an abused return item and helps Myntra decide whether to do 'Inward Quality Check (IQC)' or not - hence, saving on cost and manpower and reducing average return refund time by half.  Contributed by engineering features and developing tool for evaluating model performance across service and revenue parameters
  • Pained customer redressal framework - Quantified the impact on customer transaction frequency due to various service/experience short-falls. On the basis of which designed a framework for redressing pained customers and improve customer retention.
  • Consumption NPS drivers analysis - The consumption NPS is a metric to define customer satisfaction with product usage. Developed a model using random forest and K-Means clustering to derive drivers for this metric and profile the characteristics which lead to a satisfied customer.
May 2014May 2016

Business Operations Associate

ZS Associates

  • Incentive Compensation Modelling - Designed, managed and made functional improvements to sales force effectiveness models pertaining to incentive compensation and goals setting
  • Target Call Plan Modelling - Designed, managed and made functional improvements to customer targeting plan which involved designing segmentation of customers and modelling their return-by-interaction rate
  • Designed a Performance and Execution dashboard (using Excel and SAS) for the sales leadership of the major business unit of the client
  • Proactively involved in mentoring and coaching new ZS'ers through workshops on Excel, Access, SQL and Statistical methods