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Work experience


Cooking Assistant

Sycamore Lodge

Sycamore Lodge is a Residential home for the elderly.  During my time working at the Sycamore Lodge I worked as a cooking assistant in the kitchen.  This was a voluntary position that I took to gain experience of the catering trade. I enjoyed the time I had at Sycamore Lodge and enjoyed working especially with the other staff and I enjoyed helping and chatting with the residents. My duties evolved the prep of the food before the head chef would do the cooking.Occasionally I would be allowed to cook meals myself, under the supervision of the chef. One of my responsibilities was to prep the food- this would involve tasks like battering fish, weighing out ingredients e.g. curry powder and flour etc. I would also make snacks like sandwiches as required for the residents. It also involved keeping the surfaces clean and tidy and emptying the bins. After the food was made I would help to serve the residents, this involved chatting with them and just generally helping them out. After that I would help clean up and then start the preparation for the next meal. I worked within a group of staff with ease and they had no problem working with me as am easy going and really easy to start a conversation with.


Sep 2003Jun 2008


Pennywell Comprehensive

7 GCSE's:




Religious Studies

Physical Education





I am a hard working and reliable worker. I am very punctual and am a very good team worker but at the same time a can work by myself and can be very creative and productive. I am easy going, easy to get on with. I am confident with myself but not overly confident. I like to work as team as I am productive and can thrive on other peoples idea’s and love to build on them. I am computer literate and can answer a phone or talk to customers 1-to -1 as I have no problem working on selling products or the company I work for.


I applied to join the armed forces, Infantry Rifles.  But my application was rejected on medical basis; I am appealing their decision and hope to be able to join in the future as the armed forces are a profession that many of my family have chosen.I would like to have the experience of working in the armed forces as it offers many paths of opportunity both in and out of the forces.

As a back up I am currently looking for a job or training placement in the Sports industry.I realise I may not be able to gain a place in the armed forces and a career in health and fitness working in a gym or in a leisure centre is something I would also enjoy. I would like to become a PTI (Personal Training Instructor) or a coach in football or other areas of sport.


In my spare time I enjoy watching and also playing football, I play for a team in the Russell Fosters league - I also have an interest in motorbikes e.g. the motor gp; I also like watching Formula 1 racing. I like fishing, rugby, tennis and most other sports, I like to be active as much as possible.

I’m also interested in the armed forces.