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BA in English language

King Faisal University

English language 

Score 4.42 of 5


Secondary Diploma

Secondary Commercial Institute

English language (reading, writing, contact)
Accounting bookkeeping
Computer Science and Applications
Management Science
Career behavior

Score  92.93%

Jan 1998Jan 2000

Communication Center Operator

Technical Studies Institute

Basic military training.
Basic English language education.
Communication and electronics basic course.
Communication Center Operator course.

Work experience

Mar 20002015

Communication Center Operator, Specialty Trainer

Royal Saudi Air Force

Communication Center Operator;

Operating Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX).

Operating and controlling High Frequency Radio Console.

Transmitting and receiving data using Message Switched Network.

Specialty Trainer;

Arrange an orientation visits for new employees to work center and related departments to help them perceive the orderliness of the organization.

Make an introduction lectures for new trainees about work center duties and responsibilities, included the clarification of On the Job Training concept and terms.

Assign a trainer for new trainees and switched trainees to contend the continuation of training progress.

Review training files and add required documents, check tasks accomplishment and ensure of files contents are all up to date.

Training Coordination between the section and training department that includes delivering of monthly reports for each trainee, requesting monthly tests to evaluate trainee progress, order annual ELT for all section staff and especially for trainee, in addition communicating through training department with Training Wing in the matter of requesting a Classification Board to confer the skill levels.

Prepare specialty exam for Level 5 and Level 7 and ensure updating the forms when new tasks upgraded.