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I am actively looking to provide a company my 15-years of executive global business development, sales and marketing experience in the areas of Telecommunications, Energy, Design -Engineering and Homeland Defense/National Security Industries.  Responsible for offices and penetration strategies in the US, Brazil, Mexico and Ecuador I am looking for a career in high-quality, fast-paced, value driven business or organization whereby it requires proven strategy creation implementation and execution specialists in its objectives to enter a given market either in the US or abroad,


Background Interests include; Planning and developing political and high level events, extensive travel (both eco and luxury), surfing, camping and hiking, diving, skiing, event coordinating, press release writing and coordination, targeted marketing campaigns and business corporate logo and identification creation.

Work experience

Jun 2006Jun 2009


A&M International Wine and Spirits
Salary Range $150-175K plus benefits/bonus/distributions

Created a full service, US wholesale distribution and export portal into Brazil for the Importation and Distribution of US Wine, Spirits, Beverages and Premium Foods.

  • Overcame notorious importation barriers to entry for our entire product portfolio. 
  • Upon establishing a “marriage” between US and Brazilian departments of Agriculture and Importation Agencies we created a proprietary “blessed” import manual thus expediting all importation procedures.
  • Achieved fastest import and sales of US wine in Brazil history
  • Obtained exclusive import and distribution contracts for all suppliers, not typical in this industry.
  • Negotiated and acquired one of Brazil's finest importer and distribution companies
  • Identified and acquired Brazil's second most visited website as an education and sales platform.
  • Created Brazil's first ever US wine and distribution company in Brazil.  (US wines account for only .03% of a 30Million case consumer market)
  • Responsible for 3 seperate company budgets with detailed cash flow projections
  • Created company Sales and Marketing plans
  • Produced 4 individual, US wine educational DVD's hosted by Brazil's most popular and respected wine personaility.
  • Managed to achieve 86% distribution network throughout Brazil with over 8600 customers.
  • Published in ever major newspaper and magazine in Brazil.
  • Posses a propietary import license, no longer available in country, resulting in a procing advantage over any future competitors.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Completed intitial due diligence on the the existing market conditions, purchasing habits, price sensitivities, market consumer categories, and overall palette acceptance for US wines.
  • Upon establishing a “marriage” between US and Brazilian departments of Agriculture and Importation Agencies we created a proprietary “blessed” import manual thus expediting all importation procedures and enduring costs and taxes for penalties for non-compliance.

    Key success factors were a result of my formal business, marketing, sales and existing relationships in Brazil accelerating our marketing position in Brazil.

Jun 1999Jun 2006

President, Vice President and VP of Global Business Development

Salary Range$250-350k plus dividend distribution

Owner of a highly specialized design, engineering, and architecture services company servicing public and private industry sectors in the Energy, Telecommuications and Co-Generation sectors. Directly responsible for creating a more responsive and market-driven organization resulting in increased sales from $3.8 million to over $85 million in less than three years.

Held a variety of positions within the company eventually assuming ownership.  My responsibility included;

  • Extensive research and due diligence, identifying and negotiating complex contracts while appealing to sensitive governmental policies.
  • Competed and won several largepublic design build ,engineering projects.
  • Responsible for closing multiple co-generation designs for Brazil’s largest energy consumers.
  • Presented to Brazils Federal Industries in Sao Paulo (FIESP) for ground breaking co-generation policies for the country of Brazil.
  • Developed and launched new corporate ID, collateral and marketing package.
  • Substantially improved productivity while reducing staffing and operational costs by 38%.
  • Successfully penetrated the Federal Government market and landed several key government integrator and agency contracts (DHS, Lockheed, TSA, Boeing, and over 50 Airport installations). 
  • Established and negotiated exclusive  contracts with vendors and suppliers for expedited and priority shipment.
  • Create and submitted and ultimately Awarded GSA Contract for Professional Design, Engineering and Integration Services (100 Million dollar 4 year contract for design, engineering and costruction services)
  • Procured small business loan for $1,500,000 at time of company purchase without financials or sales to support massive rapid rollout of design-build projects in over 50 airports throughout the US simultaneously.
  • Assisted company bottom line to increased profitability through strategic and efficient restructuring.
  • Co-Authored departmental policies and procedures manual for internal processes and controls to meet Federal reporting requirments.
  • Fluent in Portuguese, both the written and verbal more importantly I posses the unique ability to interpret the business language and cultural differences
  • Additional Responsibilities; analysis, exceptional writing skills, and corporate, product and services brand strategies in all forms of media to achieve market share targets and penetrate new markets.
Aug 1996May 1999

Vice President of Sales and Marketing - Director of Business Development

SKYLYNX Communications Inc., Inc.

Salary Range $200 - 1.2M incl. stock options

In this early stage wireless telecommunications company (asymmetric wireless high speed data technology and design) responisble for co-developing the; corporate business operational structure, marketing and sales plans as well as product/service branding plans to include corporate identification while building the local, regional and national sales strategies.

During the fast paced growth trajectory, I was directly participating in the aquisition of small to medium ISP strateiges, IPO Perspective Document creation and raised the initital capital to establish the business financial platform to expand the corporate reach.

Company achieved a  maximum sales force of over 200 employees  (primarily through aquisitions), assisted in determining the ultimate value for potential aquisiton or merger and upon its conclusion the business exceeded 20M in revenues in a short 23 months and over 2.7 million subscribers.

Jun 1991Nov 1994

Vice President

First Security Mortage Services, Inc.

Salary Range - $150-350k

This residential and commercial mortgage company was started by my business partner and I financed entirely on credit cards, inspiration and determination. 

Within 8 months we had paid down our 98k in debt and had attracted more than 10 of the industries premier mortgage processors and sales associates instantly creating one of the largest portfolio's of wholesale banking institutions in the Tampa Bay area.

Key Achievments:

  • Represented over 40 National Private and Public lending institutions
  • Funded over 500M in loans over a 4 year period
  • Authored departmental policies and proceedures manual for internal processes and controls
  • Designed and assisted in development of Marketing Database programs for service revenue, client usage, direct costs and commissions.
  • Interviewed and hired all sales staff.
  • Established all territories and sales strategies,
  • Developed operating, marketing, and advertisment strategies. 
  • Specific duties included attracting and negotiating wholesale banking and lending institutions to develop aggressive lending products to the retail market. 


Mar 1991Aug 1994

Bachelor of Science

Eckerd College

Currently unfinished.  Left to pursue founding of new business and subsequently the beginning of my 15 year succesful career .


Business Development and Creation
Most recognized skill sets and inheirent traits are my ability to develop long term relationships at the highest political and corporate levels (CEO, CFO, COO, President, CIO, etc) as recognized by my customers, peers and competitors.    I thrive in the competition arena and relish the opportunity to develop strategic marketing and target customer stratgies, change consumer habits, trends, biases through a mastery of presentation delivery through all forms of media. 
Having had the fortunate opportunity to open offices in Mexico City, Mexico and Quito, Ecuador I have become intimately familiar both in the language and overall political and business customs of Latin America and these countries mentioned above
Having several companies taken through the start-up and full blown development in Brazil, my 10 years of expereinice there has provided me the intimate cultural expertise to navigate the unique business, political and social customs of Brazil at the highes levels. 


Jan 1998Present

Navy Achievment Medal

United States Navy


Ken Morin

Business Partner in Wine Export;Import Business

Robert Blount

Chuck Dunn

Previous Employee