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Work experience

Jul 2010Present

Global Business Director - Consultant

BRL TRUST Fiduciarios e Servicios

BRL TRUST's Fund Management/Administration Division manages 32 investment funds with an Aggregate Shareholder Equity of  $11.5 billion.Responsibilities:

Manage and Administer BRL TRUST/BRL GLOBAL's foreign investment (private equity, credit market and partnership) activities, mergers and acquisitions, asset management and investment banking partner development, and related corporate governance, corporate standards, registrations and practices.* Identify and Qualify Co-Asset Management Relationships, Various Fund Joint Venture Partnerships

* Strategic Consulting, Business Development & Key Relationship Development* Advise on Corporate Structure, Draft Privacy Policies and Structure Commercial Transactions in Global    markets.

* Generate Loan Pipeline for Various Foreign Investor Vehicles (i.e. CRI, CCB, FIDC, FII, FIP'S, REIT's, etc)

Oct 2006Jun 2009


A&M International Wine and Spirits, LLC

Identified, Developed and co-founded Brazil's first successful U.S. Import & Distribution Portal for exclusive US Wine, Spirits, Beverages and Premium Foods.  Overcame Brazils notorious importation obstacles historically impeding all US products in these categories to succeed in now one of the largest and most robust emerging markets in the world.

Established a dynamic and effective working relationship between the US and Brazilian Departments of Agriculture, ANVISA, INMETRO, Importation Agencies via a proprietary import manual expediting all importation procedures.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Corporate Brand Identity Package
  • Business Plan Development
  • Execution for Operational, Sales, Marketing and Channel Strategy
  • Key Distributor Relationship Development
  • Product Portfolio Development and Market Research. 

Implemented corporate market penetration strategy placing A&M's products in every major news, magazine and trade publication in Brazil.

Identified, qualified and negotiated potential acquisition partners, contracts while managing the merger and transition.

Jun 1999Jun 2006

President, Vice President and VP of Global Business Development

Developed all Brazil's market research, due diligence, market penetration and joint venture partnerships including execution and negotiation for the complex multi-national contracts managing local sensitive governmental policies and completing several large design engineering projects. 

Developed co-generation designs for Brazil’s largest energy consumers.Projects included the complicated research and presentation to Brazil's Federal Industries in Sao Paulo (FIESP) for ground breaking co-generation policies for the country of Brazil. 

Projects totaled more than $105M USD for Brazil’s largest telecommunications company and increased annual revenues from USD$5M to USD$85M in less than three years.


  • Developed and Launched Corporate ID and Marketing Package
  • Created a Proactive, Market-Driven Organization with Increased Revenues and EBITA Margins.
  • Sales Increase from $5M to $85M million in 3 years.
  • Improved Revenue and Productivity while Reducing Operational Expense.
  • Successfully Penetrated the Federal Government and Awarded Several Key, Emergency Rated (DO-H8) Government Contracts.
  • Received National Sales Awards for Key Suppliers
  • Awarded GSA Contract for Professional Design, Engineering and Integration Services (25M p/year with 4 additional 1 year options = USD$100M total)
  • Co-Authored departmental policies and procedures manual for internal processes and controls.
  • Developed and Implemented Corporate Website.

Additional Responsibilities; research, analysis, exceptional writing skills, corporate-product and services brand strategies in all forms of media to achieve market share targets and new market penetration.Research duties for all businesses in Brazil and U.S.As a successful entrepreneur and business developer continuously and successfully manage the business culture and language chasms between US and Latin America corporations and markets.

Feb 1996Mar 1999

Vice President of Sales and Marketing - Director of Business Development

SKYLYNX Comunications, LLC

Participated in the creation, development and funding of an early stage wireless telecommunications company.(asymmetric wireless high speed data transfer technology and design)  Responsibilities included co-developing, implementing and executing the;

  • Business - Operating - Marketing - Sales Plans;
  • Corporate Branding Identification Package
  • Local, Regional and National Sales Strategies.

Participated in the acquisition and merger of multiple, small to medium(SME) Internet Service Providers (ISP) strategies during the companies fast paced growth and trajectory. 

Co-developed the companies IPO Perspective Document and co-funded the initial capital raise to establish the business.

Developed and implemented a sales management team with over 200+ employees.

Valuation of the business prior to its merger, inclusive of acquisitions, surpassed $30M USD in 23 months with over 2.7 million subscribers.

Jan 1991Nov 1994

Vice President

First Security Mortgage Serivces

Participated in the creation of a successful residential and commercial mortgage financial services company.  

Hired industries premier mortgage processors, underwriters and sales associates instantly creating and representing one of the largest wholesale bank portfolio in the Tampa Bay Area.

FSMS became one of West Central Florida’s largest private lending institution with one of the fastest, most aggressive teams in the market.

Key Achievments:

·Represented over 50 National Private and Public lending institutions

·Company funded over USD $500M in loans over a 4 year period

·  Qualified and Hired all sales, administration associates

Specific duties in attracting and negotiatingwholesale banking and lending institutions to developing aggressive lending products to the retail market.



Business Development
Created, funded and lead multiple business in a variety of markets in several LATAM countries.  The experience and expertise enables the provides for the execution and implementation of corporate objectives and initiatives while fostering the support of all stakeholders and employees across the business lines, partnerships, and suppliers.
Having had the fortunate opportunity to manage and operate out of an office in Mexico familiar in the language and overall political and business customs of Latin America and these countries provide integration and execution experience to expedite results.
Creating and managing companies from start-up and operational development in Brazil including managing offices in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janiero, Mexico City, Mexico while developing territories and distribution networks throughout Latin America.    With 15 years experience and deep relationship development provides for intimate cultural and business sensitivities to be navigated while managing expectations for each country's unique business, political and social customs at the highest levels. 


Multi-National, Corporate Strategy - M&A - Market Penetration and Brand Development Executive.

 Hold 15+ years of domestic and international experience translating complex corporate strategies into proven market execution as an owner, senior executive and/or senior manager.

Documented success having built companies, delivering bottom line results throughout the U.S. and Latin America with experience in;

  • Proven Leadership
  • Corporate Development, Strategy and Branding
  • Business Execution, Implementation and Collaboration
  • Corporate Debt/Capital Structuring
  • Sales Channel, Distribution and Brand Strategy
  • Foreign and Domestic Market Penetration and Positioning
  • Marketing/Sales/Operations/Product Development
  • Operations & General Management
  • P&L Management, Complex Forecasting & Budgeting
  • Legal Structure Optimization
  • Successful Fund Raise Experience (Private Equity and Credit Markets)
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • P&L Management
  • Corporate Contract Negotiation and Problem Solving Skills
  • Margin & Revenue Growth via Expense Management and Business Unit Integration/Collaboration

Primary focus assisting U.S. and Latin American Corporate expansion in the following markets;

  • Financial Services
  • Telecommunications,
  • Energy, Co- Generation
  • Design - Engineering - Architecture,
  • Homeland Defense,
  • Import-Export (Infrastructure Equipment, Beverage/Alcohol/Non-Alcohol)
  • Complex Real Estate Development (Commercial, Residential)

Thrive on high-quality, fast-paced, value driven business opportunities requiring an immediate integration, creation, implementation and execution specialist in the US or Latin America to deliver bottom line results. 

Created, formalized and managed offices in Rio de Janeiro - Sao Paulo,Brazil and the United States.


Background Interests;

Identify, develop and execute new companies, brands and strategic business opportunities into successful business operations in domestic and foreign markets. 

Developing long term relationships, corporate launch and key brand positioning events, extensive travel (both eco and luxury).

Surfing, camping and hiking, diving, skiing, event coordinating, press release writing and coordination, targeted marketing campaigns and business corporate logo and identification creation.


Jan 1988Present

Navy Achievment Medal

United States Navy