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    Qaiss Bawari has an extensive background in jurisdiction and human rights. Mr. Bawari was born on the 10th Dec 1973 in Urozgan Province. He graduated from Abu Nasar Farahi High School in Farah and got his Bachelor Degree in Law & Politics from Kabul University in 1998. He later started working in Youth Rights Protection as an Administration Officer in 1999.

    During this period of his life, he controlled and managed the office, provided legal recommendations on criminal cases and appointed defense lawyers to the complainers. In December 2000, he was a team leader of Loya Jirga for assessing the candidates of 7-13 jawza 1381 in 57 districts of Kandahar, Helmand, Urozgan and Zabul.

    Mr Bawari has also worked in AIHRC for 13 years, where he studied and investigated the cases of alleged Human Rights violations from the past 30 years of war and has interviewed the victims and eyewitnesses to write reports on killings of civilians in Dari and Pashto languages.

    In 2013, he became the Coordinator of the Monitoring and Investigation Unit, where he led a team of investigations in 14 regional and provincial offices, collecting data regarding violations of human rights and quick follow-up on the serious cases.

    In 2015, Mr Bawari joined DEPCS as the Director of Monitoring and Evaluation, where he now does quality control check at start of each project, prepares audit reports and final reports, and find solutions for requested problems.

Work History


Director of Monitoring and Evaluation

Deputy Chief of Staff, AOP

Coordinator of the Monitoring and Investigation Unit 

Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission


Member of Special Investigation Team

Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission


Transitional Justice officer, AIHRC - Kandahar

Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission



Team Leader in  Emergency Loya Jirga Elections

Southern Area Loya Jirga

Administration Officer

Youth Rights Protection (NGO)


aug 2006jun 1992

High school

ABU Nasar Farahi High School, Farah



  • Human rights in Afghanistan, Seminar by Max Plank

    Heidelberg, Germany    Nov - 2014

  • Advocacy about Prevention of Implementation of administrative detention regime in Afghanistan by the Government of Afghanistan Washington D.C, USA     Dec - 2012

  • Conference on sharing expertise and detention issues prevention of torture, with Pakistani Human rights experts and activist organized by open society foundation. Istanbul, Turkey Dec - 2011


  • Detainee interviewing training, Witnesses interviewing training, High quality report preparation training
  • Mapping Training, Afghanistan conflict mapping training in AIHRC
  • International Human Rights course in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Power Point, Access,


  • Dari
  • Pashto
  • English


  • References available upon request