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Web Development is something I've tinkered with even while I studied to become a petroleum engineer. In fact, there's nothing that I would rather be doing with myself. I really just want to make an impact while doing what I love. Prior to learning to code,  one of my pet projects is, an application which provides traffic updates to Lagosians by parsing and formatting tweets  into digestible, color-coded traffic alerts. If you like my energy, enthusiasm, and everything i’ve built over the last 12 weeks, imagine what we can build together 12 weeks from now!

Work experience


General Assembly Student

Web Development Immersive

I completed a 12 week Web Development Immersive programme where we were taught full stack web development covering technologies such as Ruby, Ruby-on-rails, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Angular, and Git.

Project 1 : Tic Tac Toe

The first project was a solo endeavour at creating the popular game Tic Tac Toe, also known as Noughts & Crosses. Some skills demonstrated include:

  • Project Planning with Trello
  • Devise Gem
  • Permissions with Cancancan
  • Game Logic
  • Validations

Project 2: Eureka!

For Project 2, I  worked in a team where we created Eureka!, an ideas network. It’s best described as a “Reddit For Ideas People.” Skills demonstrated include:

  • Callbacks
  • Acts as Commentable Gem
  • Bourbon Front-end Framework
  • Branding and "Hype-Man" for Presentation
  • Auto_Html Gem for YouTube Embeds
  • Will_Paginate Gem

Project 3:  SpeciaList

Project 3 was another solo project. I created an odd jobs site called the SpeciaList geared towards Lagos, Nigeria. The goal of the SpeciaList is to connect low tech contractors in developing countries with their clientele by offering full functionality for the application via SMS by making use of the Twilio gem.

  • Geocoder Gem
  • Twilio Gem 
  • Custom Twilio Controller and Actions
  • Ransack Gem (Search and Sorting)
  • Acts as Taggable
  • Acts as Commentable Gem
  • Trello for Project Planning


The Asset Management Corporation of Nigeria (AMCON)

I worked on the Aero Contractor’s account, one of Nigeria’s leading domestic airlines. We explored ways to return the airline to profitability. I focused on identifying inefficiencies in their ground operations.


Field Engineer

Morpol Engineering Limited

I commuted two hours to a remote village near Abeokuta, Nigeria. I worked as an on-site supervisor for the field hands as we lay over 10 km of pipelines linking two powers stations operated by the Nigerian Gas Company (NGC).



MSc. Engineering Management

The University of York

with Distinction


BSc. Petroleum Engineering

The University of Texas at Austin


  • New England Champion Wrestler
  • Average karaoke singer and extraordinary dancer
  • “Talking shop” with tech inclined friends
  • Reading Sci Fi Novels on my Kindle
  • Binge Watching Netflix Shows: Orange is the New Black, House of Cards