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  • Driven revenue and audience growth at every business unit I have worked at.
  • Key member of the senior management team that drove MTV to its most profitable year ever in 2003.
  • Helped negotiate a complex high profile four-year VPL deal with the independent labels while at MTV.
  • Creating and developing MTV Flux, a cross platform interactive music channel/music community. A television channel & web site controlled almost exclusively by mobile and online.
  • Creating and launching VH2.
  • Regularly presenting MTV’s UK music priorities at conferences around the world, and helping break a number of new foreign acts in the UK.
  • Successfully securing dozens of exclusive first play agreements with labels and artist management.
  • Devising and launching the “Spanking New Music” initiative at MTV. This has grown to become a hugely successful multi-platform new music brand.
  • Helped to develop and produce the “Party in the Park” property for commercial radio.This grew to become one of the most recognisable and successful outdoor music events in the UK.
  • Successfully negotiating a three year deal with a Dublin based creative agency that spawned some of the most innovative ATL and BTL brand campaigns seen in the City.


Both professionally and personally, I have actively participated in the development of new media and new technology at radio and television. I consider myself an expert in consumer behaviour and media consumption, and am experienced at developing cross platform commercial and creative promotions.
I am very strong creatively, with a passion and proven track record of devising and implementing award winning cross platform content and music programming initiatives for both media brands and brand clients. I am not risk averse, and have strong conceptual, intuitive and insight skills.
I have 8 years board level experience within commercial radio, and 4 years as a Vice President at MTV. As a result I have developed high levels of business acumen. My commercial experience has allowed me to demonstrate my excellent negotiation, cost control and PNL skills as well as demonstrating my flair at influencing, diplomacy and relationship management. I have presented at conferences around the world and have excellent written, verbal and presentation skills. 
I am a strong strategic thinker, skilled at seeing the global perspective and able to make clear sense of complex objectives and issues in order to devise and implement workable strategies and solutions.
Brand Management / Marketing and Portfolio
I’m experienced in managing and marketing both youth and adult music brands. I’m also skilled at the positioning and development of multiple brands in a single market, from duopolies to more complex brand portfolios. I have the ability to devise, implement and interpret detailed qualitative and quantitative research projects, matched with a deep understanding of media consumption and lifestyles.
I’m a successful leader, coach and mentor of talent in highly competitive markets. I create a success culture through the strong leadership of my high performing teams. I set out a clear vision of the future and have the drive, passion and strong organisational skills required to implement that vision effectively.

Brand work