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Using years of administrative experience in both the government and private sector, my life's focus is creating agricultural opportunities for the disadvantaged by coupling the power of the human spirit with the resources of the individual goodness of corporate entities and local governments.


I have a powerful vision of a sustainable future which empowers all people, across social classes, ethnicities and creeds to not just survive in the challenges we find ourselves in, but to thrive.It is not enough to create a sustainable future which relies on green elitism and leaves behind entire classes of people as we make the monumental cultural shift to a sustainable future.I believe firmly in Luke 17:21 Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.That belief inspires me to seek new and innovative ways to lend a hand up to those in need, to give respect to the divinity within each of us and recognize its immeasurable power to be restorative and self sufficient.


My personal philosophy can best be summed up by the words of Thomas Jefferson who said:

"Those who labour in the Earth, are the chosen people of God...It is the focus in which he keeps alive that sacred fire, which otherwise might escape from the face of the Earth."

Farming is not a vocation, it’s a calling.A call to stewardship of not just land, but mankind.Jefferson knew that you are truly free only when you can be self sufficient.Free will, our greatest God destined gift, is only present when you are no longer dependent on society to subsist, but instead, subsist to create freedom for those who cannot fight for freedom themselves.

Work experience

Jan 2008Present


Raven's Grove Family Farm, LLC

I am the owner/operator of a sustainable farm which offers: produce, livestock, animal husbandry/gardening education and an array of goat's milk bath and body products.

Jul 2007Dec 2009

Exeuctive Assistant to the CEO

Mashell Telecom dba Rainier Connect

        Exec. Assist. to the CEO of a family owned medium size regional telecommunications company; Mr. Brian Haynes.In my position I sat on the Board(s) of Directors of the Parent and Subsidiary companies as Assistant Secretary responsible for all corporate governance, shareholder correspondence and was the corporate signatory and notary.I was also the Custodian of Records and facilitator of the Mashell Inc. Political Action Committee. Internally, I directly coordinated the operations of a staff of 60 who all report directly to the CEO.I directly supervised the administration department employees.I also oversaw all real estate holdings, project management and facilities management as well as was the acting Public Affairs official for the CEO.

Jul 2005Jul 2007

Executive Secretary Army Transformation Team WA

Quantum Research International

I was the contracted Exec. the O6 (COL) Director; COL Joel Mittelstaedt and his retired O5 (LTC) Executive Officer; Mr. Lars Liden.I coordinated all the payroll, human resources and administration of a 20 person site team.I coordinated all the reception of VIP visitors and federal and state dignitaries.

Apr 2001May 2005

Executive Assistant/Community Liaison

Army Community Services

 I was the contracted Executive Assistant to the Director of ACS Ft Polk; Mr. Paul Cador.At the same time I also was the volunteer Community Liaison for the Sycamore/Timber Ridge Housing communities acting as the primary point of contact for over 300 households. In this position I coordinated the training of military spouses through ACS.I also fielded complaints and directed them through the proper Housing channels as well as represented the community on the Ft Polk Community Action Council.Extensive work with the community theatre program writing grants and facilitating funding efforts for season.


Jan 2010Present

Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership

Gonzaga University

Cumulative GPA 3.97/4.0

Sep 2005May 2007

Bachelor of Science Business Administration

American Intercontinental University

Graduated Summa Cum Laude; Cumulative GPA 3.9/4.0

MA Organizational Leadership

Raven's Grove Nonprofit Partners

Raven's Grove Blog


Social Media/Local Liaison for Small Farms
I have built a small profitable farm through the utilization of only internet marketing and nonprofit partnership.  By harnessing the power of Facebook/Twitter to "sell the story" of a small sustainable family farm, Raven's Grove has been profitable from year one.  This year in an economy where others are failing and small farms are closing, we have increased our revenue by 40%.  I have never spent a penny in advertising, in lieu of, the money which would be spent on advertising in a traditional business model has been spent supporting the mission of local area nonprofits both agriculturally and tribally affiliated.
ALBC Endangered and Critical Breeds Expert
I am a noted instructor on animal husbandry for the following American Livestock Breed Conservancy endangered and critical species: American Guinea Hogs NonIndustrial Rhode island Red Chickens Nigerian Dwarf Goats African Pygmy Goats Muscovy Ducks Sicilian Miniature Donkeys Flemish Giant Rabbits American Checkered Giant Hare   I have been showcased at the Mother Earth News Magazine American Livestock Breeds Conservancy pavilion at its annual environmental fair as an animal husbandry and breeding educator, animal advocate and business person.  
Agricultural Corporate Governance
I have aided numerous private agricultural entities in establishing Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, Federal Tax Identification.  I am initimately familiar with the process of organic certification, small farms management, grant seeking, and government compliance.
Nonprofit Agriculture Advocate
I have worked with numerous nonprofits in WA state to advance their private missions of agriculture most notably: GRuB Hilltop Urban Gardens Veterans Agriculture Coalition Crosstown Farms Left Foot Organics
Army Liaison
        I have worked in a variety of contracted Army positions throughout the Department of Defense, developing an extensive network of colleagues.  I have over 15 years in various Army Family Readiness Group Leadership positions including: President, Vice President, Casualty Care Team Lead and Primary Point of Contact.  I am Level IV Army Family Team Building certified and have taught various classes for military spouses for over a decade.