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More than 10 years of experience in a variety of professional environments reinforces the understanding that communication is not managed in isolation. It is part of an organic ecosystem of a brand / idea. To create creative solutions and sustainable strategies, it is necessary to develop integrated thinking and actions that combine local culture, business objectives, and available resources.  Multimedia experimentation, social purpose, innovation, and human-centered approaches are part of my professional essence.



Estúdio mol
fev 2016atual 

Position with a small video and animation studio with the role to maintain fiscal balance, attract customers, and engage former employees. Divided into stages, priorities include the creation of clear and organized internal processes (workflow, standardization of information, definition of a project
manager); brand repositioning (internal research, development of presentations for prospecting, definition of personas, creation of a new website aligned with Inbound Marketing, planning of social networks); customer loyalty and attraction (update database, content production, positive agenda); retention of talent (endomarketing: cinema sessions, lectures for continuing education, incentive for employees who continue to study).

Because it is a small company, the multifunction of staff is part of its DNA so I also do paperwork. In addition to Communication Coordinator, I plan the video campaigns (research the brand, the competitive environment, trends, formats and possible languages), and in some cases the animation Roadmaps.

We currently serve: Itaú, Red Bull, Seguros Unimed and Votorantin, Bosch, Infoglobo, Globo Play, Seguros Unimed, Zero Paper, Minuto Seguros, Natura, Buscopan and Bucofem.


Nov 2015atual

Artikin is the first brazilian app  to discover contemporany art exposition around and learning about art. I worked as a content produce and now I'm colaborating to development a digital strategy.

Coordenação integrada

Senado Federal
Fev 2011Jun 2014

Senator elect of the Republic, a member of the Federal Public Prosecutor’s  who gained many enemies while working to fight corruption who gained many enemies while working to fight corruption. Without partisan support and unknown to the mainstream media we had two ambitious goals: to serve a historic term in office and elect him governor of Mato Grosso in four years.

As project coordinator, the first step was the formation of an extremely qualified technical team, with a combative profile and aligned with contemporary legislative issues. Understanding Communication and Politics as part of the same organism, the two Nuclei fed off of one another. In the Communication Nucleus (Digital, Tv, Radio, Publications), we focused on producing content with precious information capable of engaging (citizens, organizations, and the press). In doing so, we guaranteed a high engagement with social networks and a relationship with national press (Folha, Estadão, Valor Econômico, Globo, Globo News, SBT, Band, Terra and Uol) and international (Reuters, Rai).

In the Political Nucleus, my main activity was in the relationship with stakeholders, non-governmental organizations (for example, Avaaz, Reporter Brazil, Transparencia Hacker), and institutions (Ministries, Chamber of Deputies, Public Prosecutor’s Office, OAB and State Governments).

The result of the work was successful. In addition to filing legislative projects of great popular appeal (Ficha Limpa, Reforma do Código Penal, Reforma do Pacto Federativo) and being present in the main national media, after four years Senator Pedro Taques was elected governor. I resigned from the assignment once this milestone was reached.

Press agent

mostra internacional de teatro infantil 

Press agent

Guará festival de cinema ambiental 


São Paulo 

Missão Paz 

Responsible for making presentations to attract partners interested in hiring immigrants and refugees.


Lixão da estrutural

Assistant of feminine empowerment projects in the biggest dump of Latin America.


Ajuda de Povo para Povo

Geography, sex education and community journalism teacher at Escola de Professores do Futuro in  Benguela, Huambo and Luanda. 


Universidade Popular comunitária

Community journalism teacher on the outskirts of the city.


master in Psychoanalysis and sociology

Fundação Escola de Sociologia e política
set 2016em andamento

Psychology, sociology and communication is all about. Although I do not have the money to pay for the course, I participate as a listener.

Human-Centered Design for Social Innovation


This course introduced to the concepts of human-centered design and how this approach can be used to create innovative solutions for social change.

Project manager


What creatives lack is spreadsheet, planning, metrics. So I did the course, to balance the two sides of the brain.

digital marketing

ESPM São Paulo

What creatives lack is spreadsheet, planning, metrics. So I did the course, to balance the two (?) sides of the brain.