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Project Manager

Commission for Industrial

Project Manager at Development & Others (2 months) Food Production management Project Management implementation of projects: Lime juice production: Frozen lime juice production, production of other lime-based products, new product development, training, food safety and quality control, supervisory works Pickled lime fruits production: food safety and quality control, training, supervisory works Production of Lime-based products: Food safety and quality control, training, supervisory works Agri-preneur at


Project Manager

Project/Association des
Project Manager at GEF-Small Grant Programme Planteurs de Montagne Goyaves (1 year 6 months) Project entitled:' Alternative Livelihoods for the Fisher Communities in Rodrigues' I drafted and finalised the project documents in close collaboration with members of the association. The finalised documents were forwarded to the GEF Small Grants Programme Office for funding of the project. Upon approval in 2013, I co-managed the project with the collaboration of a colleague as it isa complex project composed of some major components. I was involved in organisation of meetings, technical trainings, fund management, Field visits and preparation of project progress reports for disbursement of funds. A hybrid solar dryer was also constructed and it works perfectly in drying of various agricultural produce.

Team Member

SAG for the Honey Sector in Mauritius
4 months) I represented the Rodrigues Regional Assembly (Commission for Agriculture & Others) and collaborated on the development of: Table of Contents for the" Guide(and Flow Diagram of the Honey Value Chain with other technical members(Academia, Public and PrivateSectors). I presented the two works in front of the audience and they were accepted for use as template by the consultancy firm. One report was submitted to the Commission for Agriculture(Rodrigues).

Assistant Food Technologist

AGROD Cooperative Federation Society
Assistant Food Technologist at Ltd/FAO SmartFish Project (5 months) Page2 Project funded by FAO/SmartFish and the Rodrigues Regional Assembly through the Commission for Industrial Development & Others Project was for the redeployment and empowerment of women who earn a living in proximity of South East Marine Park Areas. The cooperative is involved in lime processing and packing for export to Mauritius. My works there consist of: Management of production team and supervision of production, Hygiene and Training of women Design of an excel software file for standardisation of production Sensory analysis sessions with members Performance of trial Heat penetration tests on each batch of different types of lime-based products during pasteurisation process. These tests aim at determining the right pasteurisation temperature and time combinations for optimisation. Collaboration on the preparation of publication information on" Improving the quality of five agro- products of Rodrigues" for the qualiREG 3rd Journees Scientifiques.

Trainee Food Technologist

Princes Tuna(Mauritius) Limited
Trainee Food Technologist at (2 months) The company is involved in tuna canning and export to European countries, among others. The capacity-building was carried out in the Thermal Sterilisation Section under the Quality Assurance Department and in the in-company microbiology laboratory. A project entitled:" Thermal Process Optimisation and Validation" was done and successfully completed during a 2-months period. A report was submitted to the company Food Technologist(Quality Department). Certifications Organisation of Official Controls EDES Implementation of Official Controls EDES “




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