Business Administrator with 4 consecutive years’ experience in airport management and aircraft maintenance organization providing administrative support to senior level executives and directors. Maintained qualification records, aircraft inspection records, and data reports. Efficient departmental and problem-solving abilities with strong background in office management, presentation preparation, project coordination, and staff training. Competence working independently or as a cooperative team member and years of practical hands-on experience in customer service. Daily operations consisted of developing innovative ways to increase efficiency and improve cost savings. Talented customer service representative and highly skilled technology operator.  

Work History

Work History

Systems Analyst/administrator

May 2014 - Present
HSM 77

Systems Analyst/Administrator U.S. NAVY, Atsugi, JP

Data Clerk

Aug 2012 - May 2014
VFA 106

Data Clerk U.S. NAVY, VA Beach, VA.



Leadership & Development

§  Leading personnel, drafting, and distributing monthly maintenance meetings, ensuring all technical documentation is accurate, complete and properly classified, additionally hosting special events within the department and other businesses.

§  Instructed 20+ technical and user personnel into becoming training representatives throughout the department.

§  Supervised 10 subordinates while assigned under morale and welfare building exercise resulting in 100% outstanding satisfaction.

§  Support Vehicle Equipment Licenser authorized to qualify and issue operator licenses for all maintenance personnel.

§  Provided a vision for action during the process of 10 computer contingency drills that enhanced maintenance readiness solutions by 25%.

§  Directed 5 teams of computer systems specialists and computer programmers planning with staff for ongoing professional developmental exercises.


§  Process and track maintenance department correspondence, ensuring office equipment ran smoothly and properly, manage inventories, ordering equipment and supplies as needed.  

§  Prepare extensive presentations and update Excel spreadsheets for internal and external distribution to track, allocate and integrate program requirements, leading to increasing efficiency throughout the department.

§  Devoting over 2,000 hours to the department as an administrator for 234 employees increasing maintenance readiness by 40%.

§  Supervises and trains administrative assistants in all aspects of administrative duties.

Data Clerk

§  Responsible for 68 maintenance aircraft discrepancy books, 196 aircraft log books, online log sets and releasing 20 time-critical naval messages resulting in mid-tier reciprocation of data messages, fine tuning aircraft data through excellence scores on 2 semi-annual audits and 2 major yearly inspections.

§  Initiated 200 special inspections, conditional inspections and corrects aircraft discrepancy as needed.

§  Maintains aircraft electronic and paper logbooks, including cataloging, record keeping, and tracking.

§  Provides detailed analysis and develops solutions to complex problems.

 §  Designed and maintained computer software and databases

Customer Service & Communication

§  Performed business memorandums for the department.

§  Provides liaison duties between customers and separate departments within the facility ensuring a high quality of services.

§  Coordinates and supervises installations, removals, upgrades, and relocations of new and existing aircraft parts.

§  Prepares and distributes daily workload reports via Excel to monitor daily work schedules.



Current Secret Clearance: SECRET

Apr 2012 - Apr 2022

PS Date: 04/18/2012 – 04/17/2012

Nalcomis OOMA Systems Administrator Course 

May 2015 - Present
Naval Air Technical Training Center (NATTC) 


Aeronautical Technical Publications Library Management  02/06/15

Feb 2015 - Present
Naval Air Technical Training Center (NATTC) 


Aviation Life Support Systems Configuration Management Course 

Jan 2015 - Present
Naval Air Technical Training Center (NATTC) 


Configuration Management O & I Activities 

Dec 2014 - Present
Naval Air Technical Training Center (NATTC) 




B.S. Aviation Management 

Jan 2016 - Present

B.S. Aviation Management

Jan 2013 - May 2015
Hampton University

GPA 3.82