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Saad Thabet

Network Engineer /Network Technician


Accomplished Wireless Network Engineer with 1 years of experience in mobile Network with Orascom-Trading Company.

An enthusiastic network engineer with the necessary drive and determination needed to resolve complex networking issues. Possessing effective organisational skills and excellent working knowledge of networking technologies and having a commitment to keep up to date with the latest developments.

Now looking for a new and challenging Network Engineer / Technician position, one which will make best use of my existing skills and experience and also further my development

Technical Skills

Systems: Windows XP / 7 / 8 /8.1.
Software: MS Office, VMWARE.
Hardware:LAN / WAN installation&configuration ,General TCP/IP,DNS, DHCP,Cisco Router &Switch
Certifications: Cisco Certification Network Associate (CCNA).
                               Thanks letter from Cisco Academy for getting high degree in each semester in CCNA.
Good knowledge:CompTiA A+ , N+.

Work experience


ٍSite Engineer

Orascom-Trading Co.(Orascom Trading is a subcontractor to Mobinil). 

(Orascom Trading is a subcontractor to Mobinil).

Maintain and troubleshooting for mobile network

Verified work order information and receipt of all necessary equipment.

Improved rate of resolved trouble tickets by implementing check and maintenance.

Anticipated and analyzed common connectivity workflow problems.

Area Expertise

DiagnosticsPatient and diligent
End User SupportWorking independently
Network managementStrong communication skills
System BackupTroubleshooting proficiency
New Installations and SupportVast technical knowledge



Bachelor Degree of Electrical Engineering

Faculty of Engineering   

Department: Industrial Electronics   * Section: Communications

The Graduation Project: Computer Communication Networks

The Project Evaluation: Excellent.

Volunteer Work

Installing and Managing local internet Network with Neighbours

Administer network by mikrotik server

Personal Data