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Saad Aladi

4 Years-Experience Civil Engineer

Career Objective

Plan to join a challenging environment to share my experience to improve and benefit the organization .

Work experience

March 2017Present

Quality Assurance Engineer

Louis Berger

1- Monitor the implementation of the project management systems by the contractor, and its effectiveness, through document reconciliation and other appropriate means, liaising closely with the appropriate Senior Project Manager and construction personnel.

2- Initiate actions to eliminate inconsistencies and to achieve the acceptable quality standards.
Assisting construction personnel to develop the required quality documentation.

3- Assisting in reviewing all type of quality procedures, ITP and Checklist for each and every activities which are going to execute for the permanent work for Riyadh Metro Project.

4- Verify the ISO 9001-2008, conformance on all factories / manufacturers / vendor qualifications, where appropriate.

5- Verify the materials compliance and conformity with the design / specifications of the international standards (British or American) and take decision to reject or accept.

6- Review and Coordinate the technical work of the department and project teams.

7- Ensuring that all equipment used for measuring and testing is in calibration and such records are available.

8- Establishing a filing system for quality records and maintaining such files.

9- Issuing the required reports to the Quality Assurance Manager or his nominee.

10- Providing guidance and assistance to project staff with respect to any aspect of the management system.

11- If required Conduct internal and external Audits on Project department and Contractor’s premises respectively.

12- Monitor the quality control indicators and alert Construction managers / Project Engineer in cases of deviation and propose corrective measures to be applied.

13- Review Contracts, Specifications, Laboratory Test Results, M.S., Proposed and follow-up corrective actions on the quality management system.

Feb 2015March 2017

Civil Inspector 

Louis Berger

Working as a CIVIL ENGINEER in Riyadh Metro Project with Louis Berger ,

I was assigned to Line 6 and I was responsible for the following but not limited to:

  • Witnessing and approving the civil works executed by FAST Consortium as a representative of ADA by performing the following but not limited to:

  •  Study and understand the project scope and specifications as well as the ITP’s (Inspection Test Plans) and Method statements..

  • Carry out inspection of work in progress including checking if the right procedure is followed for the construction works.

  •  Recommends methods to improve overall quality and assists in analyzing quality concerns.

  •  Works closely with the related engineering departments to develop corrective procedures and analyze results and findings of all inspection activity.

Jul 2013Feb 2015

Senior Site Engineer

Alturuq Company for Trading & Contracting

Working as a site engineer in the road construction industry contracting with MOT (Ministry of Transport);with the following job responsibilities :

  • Supervising leveling and surveying works.
  • Checking plans, drawings and quantities for accuracy of calculations;
  • Ensuring that all materials used and work performed are as per specifications;
  • Managing, monitoring and interpreting the contract design documents supplied by the client/architect;
  • Heavy equipment productivity management (about 10 different types of equipment) in road construction;
  • Manpower management ( about 100 labors, operators & foremen) to coordinate their activities;
  • Quantity surveying & request preparation to submit to the consultant;
  • Liaising with any consultants, subcontractors, supervisors, planners, quantity surveyors and the general workforce involved in the project.
  • Liaising with clients and their representatives (architects, engineers and surveyors), including attending regular meetings to keep them informed of progress;
  • Day-to-day management of the site, including supervising and monitoring the site labor force and the work of any subcontractors
  • Planning the work and efficiently & organizing the plant and site facilities in order to meet agreed deadlines;
  • Overseeing quality control, health and safety matters on site;
  • Preparing reports as required;
Jun 2011Jan 2012

Coop Trainee


I was a Coop Trainee Student for 7 months in Project Management Office  of MODON with the project manager of Sudair Idustrial City, during that time I was attending meeting held by PMO and listen and learn how to follow up with the project manager by the the project director. 

Finally I submit my technical report to my university titled by (The Drainage System Design of Sudair Industrial City)

Training Courses & Certifications

March 2017April 2017

Testing for Density, Yield, and Air Content (Gravimetric) of Concrete

American Concrete Institute
March 2017April 2017

Testing Air Content of Concrete by the Volumetric Method

American Concrete Institute
Mar 2017Apr 2017

Testing Air Content of Concrete by the Pressure Method

American Concrete Institute
Mar 2017Apr 2017

Slump of Hydraulic-Cement Concrete

American Concrete Institute
Mar 2017Apr 2017

Sampling and Measuring Temperature of Freshly Mixed Concrete

American Concrete Institute
Mar 2017Apr 2017

Making and Curing Concrete Test Specimens in the Field

American Concrete Institute

Six Sigma Yellow Belt

A certification in Quality Assurance and Control-Licence #  72090

Feb 2016 Mar  2016

PMP Preparation Course


A preparation for PMP exam

Aug 2015Aug 2015

Basic Skills for Project Planning   using computer "Primavera P6"

Saudi Council of Engineers

Planning using Primavera P6


Jan 2007Jun 2013

Bachelor's degree

King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals

Applied Civil Engineering


- Saudi Council of Engineers, Engineer (2013 - Present)

- Effortless English Club (2014 - Present)

- Project Management Institute (2014 - Present)

- American Concrete Institute (2017 - Present)


  • Project Management
  • PE certification provided by NCEES
  • Business Administration
  • Leadership