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Janae Sharp

Healthcare Marketing Partnerships with

Healthcare IT Philosophy

I believe in Healthcare as a human right. Increasingly connected design can improve healthcare delivery, practice revenue and patient outcomes. I specialize in helping HIE and corporate partners develop data products and at risk standards based data agreements.  My passion is matchmaking great solutions for improved healthcare delivery. I have extensive leadership with digital social media marketing and sales strategy collaboration. 

In an increasingly connected and technological world we should use the communication tools we have to revolutionize healthcare.

Work History


Healthcare Marketing Partnerships

Connecting Healthcare companies and specializing in Sales and Social Media Marketing Management. Ask me about advertising and educational conferences with our team. I love to work with businesses to increase their revenue and connect them with healthcare professionals to improve education and healthcare delivery.


Senior Account Executive

Solutionreach, INC

Maintained top sales quotas and helped practices maximize revenue and efficiency through digital patient communications.


Client Engagement Specialist

Solutionreach, INC

Top performer for company saves team. Contract negotiation and ongoing relationship management with dental and medical consultants as well as at risk clients. 


Vision Team Lead

Solutionreach, INC

Lead a team of 12 representatives responsible for all technical and service aspects for Vision providers using SAAS. Developed relationships with software companies and practices as well as industry leaders.


Senior Account Manager

Solutionreach, INC

Developed Relationships with medical practices and helped them improve their SEO relevance and general practice efficiency through SAAS products. Improved business relationships with practice management  software connections and specialized in unique medical branding. Getting Aesthetics patients better care.



German Teaching

Brigham Young University

Pre Dental

University of Utah

pre-requisites for dental school