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Personal Details

Name:                                Syed Faraz Ahmed

Date of birth:                   26/11/1986

Age / sex:                           30/M

Nationality:                       Indian

 Email:                                 [email protected]

Permanent address        17 shenoy road

                                                Nungambakkam, Chennai - 600034

                                                Tamil Nadu, India

Contact  Number:          +91 9840000727

Languages known          English,Hindi, Urdu, Tamil

Work experience

Dec 2015Jan 2017

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Bewell Hospital, Poonamalee, Chennai– 600056 India

I am currently working as a consultant in the department of orthpaedics headed by Dr Giriraj (associate professor in orthopaedics in SRMC). Bewell hospital is an affordable 24hrs  multispeciality hospital and has 8 branches . 

Sept 2015Dec 2015

Senior Resident Orthopaedic Surgeon

Christian Medical College- Vellore

I worked as a Senior resident in the department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology at CMC. My work consisted of conducting ortho clinics and started performing surgeries in trauma as well as assisting  surgeries in trauma, arthroplasty and arthroscopy, under the guidance of  Dr Alfred Job Daniel, Professor of Orthopedics unit 3 and Principal of CMC. I had an opportunity to perform and assist more than 100 surgeries during a  short period of time.  

Jun 2015August 2015

Trainee Orthopaedic Surgeon

Southern Railways Hospital Headquaters  -Chennai

I worked as an observer/trainee  in the department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology at Souther Railways Hospital Chennai. My work consisted of conducting ortho clinics and started performing surgeries in trauma as well as assisting  surgeries in trauma, arthroplasty, arthroscopy and spine cases, under the guidance of  Dr Ravikumar, Consultant and Head of Orthopedics. We had a turnover of 30 new cases per week as well more than 50 to 70 existing patients. The present hospital is 50 bedded fully equipped Institute, consists of 1 Unit, where there is training courses for the PG students pursuing Orthopedics and I was involved also in teaching them in case presentations.

Apr 2012Apr 2015

Resident Orthopaedic Surgeon

Sri Ramachandra University - Chennai

I completed my MS Orthopaedic Surgery in this institute in April 2015 under the guidance of my mentor Prof P.V.Vijayaraghavan, Consultant Orthopaedic surgeon and Dean of Education. My training programme consisted of conducting ortho clinics, managing and preparing the diagnosis and treatment and assisting and performing surgeries in trauma, arthoplasty, arthroscopy, arthroplasty and spine surgeries. I completed my thesis titled "Pelvic Incidence in normal indian population and spondylolisthesis patients". The medical centre is a multi speaciality hospital with around 692 beds, 171 Intensive care units

Dec 2009Dec 2010


Sri Ramachandra University - Chennai

-Manage and prepare the diagnosis, treatment reports.
-Assist in life-saving procedures.
-Taking routine check-ups of the patients.
-Filling patient’s diagnosis forms.
-Observed and handled ICU, CCU and several emergency cases.
-Provide basic medical treatment to adults
-Performed Minor surgeries in ENT, General Surgery, Orthopaedics.
 Conducted Labour during Obstetrics and Gynaecology Postings.
 Performed Minor procedures in Paediatrics and General Medicine.


Apr 2012Apr 2015

MS Orthopaedic Surgery

Sri Ramachandra University - Chennai
Jun 2004Dec 2010


Sri Ramachandra University- Chennai
Apr 2004

HSC - CBSE Board with first division

Indian School Al-Ghubra - Muscat/Oman


  1. Faraz Ahmed & Riaz Ahmed- CNS Aspergellosis in a child. Oman Med Jl 2010, July (25) 3: 238-239
  2. Ganesan Ganesan Ram, Dr. Parachur Karthik Anand, Dr. Syed Faraz  Ahmed, Dr. Giriraj Harshavardhan, Dr. Vijayaraghavan. Phagal Varthi - Forearm Compartment Syndrome Following Traditional Bandage (Puttur Kattu) . Sch J Med Case Rep 2014; 2(5):325-327
  3. Ganesan G Ram, Dr. P. Suresh, Dr.Syed Faraz Ahmed, Dr. P. V. Vijayaraghavan - Role of Tranexamic Acid in Control of Blood Loss in Replacement Surgeries. Sch. J. App. Med. Sci., 2014; 2(2B):615-619
  4. Ganesan Ram Ganesan, Rajkumar Jayachandran Sundarapandian, Karthik Kailash Kannan, Faraz Ahmed, Vijayaraghavan Phagal Varthi- Does Pelvic Incidence vary between Different Ethnicity? An Indian Perspective.The Journal of Spinal Surgery, October-December 2014;1(4):151-153


  1. Presented a paper titled “Assessment of risk factors as predictors for osteoporotic hip fragility fractures” at GOSICON 2014 in Bangalore.
  2. Presented a poster titled “ Dilemmas in assessing perioperative blood loss” at IAACON 2014 in Madurai.
  3. Presented a poster titled "Does Pelvic Incidence Vary Between Different Ethnicity? An Indian Perspective at EFORT CONGRESS 2017 Viienna, Austria
  4. Presented a poster titled "CNS Aspergellosis compressing spinal cord" at EFORT Congress 2017 Vienna, Austria


  • Life member of Indian Orthopaedic Association (IOA)
  • Member of International Society for Knowledge for Surgeons on Arthroscopy and Arthroplasty (ISKSAA)
  • Member of Madras Orthopaedic Society (MOS)
  • Member of Tamil Nadu Orthopaedic Association(TNOA)

Conferences/Courses attended

  1. Attended National Trauma Management Course (IATSIC) – August 2012 – Chennai
  2. Attended Indo European Arthroscopy/Arthroplasty foundation 2014 - Chennai
  3. Attended 2nd ISAKOS Knee course 2014 in Chennai
  4. Attended GOSICON 2014 in Bangalore
  5. Attended IAACON 2014 in Madurai
  6. Attended SCORE 2015 held in SRMC chennai
  7. Attended Cadaveric workshop SRGAC 2016 Chennai
  8. Attended AO Trauma Basic Principles course March 2016 Vizak

Areas of Interest






Treating fractures and dislocated joints
-Conducting tests and x-rays to distinguish which part of the body needs to be attended and to make decision to make any surgeries for patients betterment
-Prescribe medicines to patients to lessen the pain they are feeling and giving them quick treatments before the surgery.
-To keep a check on patients medical records for any further testing and diagnosis required
-Providing special care for serious patients assigned and conducting physical examinations and evaluating treatments on a regular basis
-Conducting diagnosis to patients who have undergone surgeries to ensure the treatment necessary is been conducted and to advice further on the patients condition
-Coordinating with patients regarding their conditions and explaining them how surgeries will help them improve
-Accepting patient referrals from other physicians
-Reviewing records and planning treatment options.
-Meeting with patients for specialized testing
-Examining patients with MRI's or other testing sources.
-Ensuring all supporting personnel are prepared for the surgery and are notified for the same
-Planning specialized after surgery care
-Meeting patients after surgery to monitor recovery.

Surgeries Performed

  • Clavicle fractures -open reduction and internal fixation with plate osteosynthesis
  • AC joint dislocations- open reduction and internal fixation with hook plate
  • Proximal humerus fractures-open reduction and internal fixation with plate osteosynthesis
  • Shaft of humerus fractures-open reduction and internal fixation with plate osteosynthesis/IMIL Nailing
  • Both bone forearm fractures-open reduction and internal fixation with plate osteosynthesis
  • Distal radius fractures-open reduction and internal fixation with plate osteosynthesis/kwire fixation/exfix
  • Metacarpal/phalynx fractures- closed reduction with kwire fixation /open reduction and internal fixations with plate osteosynthesis
  • Pelvis fractures- Pelvis External fixator application
  • Intertrochanteric fractures- closed/open reduction with Dynamic hip screw fixation/ Proximal femoral nail
  • Neck of femur fractures- open reduction and internal fixations with cancellous screw fixation
                                                   - Bipolar hemiarthroplasty 
  • Shaft of femur fractures- Closed/open reduction and interlocking intermedullary nailing of femur
  • Patella fractures-open reduction and internal fixation with Tension band wiring/ Circulage wiring fixation.
  • Proximal tibia fractures- open reduction and internal fixations with plate osteosynthesis/ canullated cancellous screw fixation
  • Shaft of tibia fractures- Closed/open reduction and interlocking intermedullary nailing of tibia
  • distal femur -open reduction and internal fixations with plate osteosynthesis
  • Medial malleolous fractures- canullated cancellous screw fixation
  • Lateral malleolous fractures-  open reduction and internal fixation with plate osteosynthesis
  • Metatarsal/phalynx fractures-  closed reduction/open reduction with kwire fixation
  • TENS nailing for paediatric fractures 
  • wound debridements for open wounds/external fixations for compound fractures
  • non unions/delayed unions
  • bone graftings
  • above/below knee amputations/ray amputations
  • implant exits
  • Split skin grafts
  • hip/knee biopsy
  • posterior approach for total hip replacement
  • osteomyelitis-wd/sequestrectomy
  • closed reduction for shoulder dislocations
  • closed reduction for hip dislocations
  • closed reduction for elbow dislocations
  • closed reduction for interphalyngeal/metacarpophalyngeal dislocations

Surgeries Assisted


  •       Total hip replacement
  •       Total knee replacement
  •       Revision arthroplasty
  •       Total elbow arthroplasty
  •        Shoulder arthroplasty
  •       custom mega prosthesis replacement
  •       Anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
  •       Posterior cruciate ligament avulsion fracture fixation
  •       Meniscus repair
  •       Bankarts repair
  •       Slap lesion 
  •       rotator cuff repair
  •      anterior/ Posterior spinal stabilization with instrumented fusion
  •       TLIF
  •       Discectomies
  •       Laminectomy
  •       Pelvis fractures- open reduction and internal fixation with plate osteosynthesis
  •       Acetabulum fractures- open reduction and internal fixation with plate osteosynthesis
  •       Periprosthetic fractures fixation
  •       periarticular fractures fixation
  •       radial head fractures orif/prosthesis replacement
  •       olecranon fractures orif
  •       scaphoid fractures orif
  •       distal humerus fractures orif
  •       talus fractures orif
  •       calcaneum fractures orif
  •       Mippo for distal tibia/distal femur/proximal tibia fractures
  •       tendon repairs
  •       Illizarov fixation for communited/nonunion/malunion/infected for femur/tibia/humerus
  •       femoral head orif
  •       ACL/PCL avulsion fractures - orif
  •       scapula fractures orif 
  •       fasciotomy
  •       pediatric fractures
    Other cases
  •       Core decompression of femoral head for AVN
  •       CTEV- JESS/Illizarov
  •       osteotomies 
  •       Tumor excisions    
  •       rotation flap covers 
  •       osteomyelitis
  •       malunions/nonunions
  •      reconstruction of congenital/post traumatic/other deformities


1. Prof P.V.Vijayraghavan- MBBS,D.ORTHO,DNB ORTHO,MCh(Orth) U.K. FAOI(Swiss)
     Dean- Education
     Sri Ramachandra University, Porur- Chennai 600116
     [email protected]

2. Prof Karthik Kailash MBBS, D.ORTHO, MCh (Orth) U.K.
     Head of Spine surgery
     Sri Ramachandra University, Porur -Chennai 600116
     [email protected]

3. Prof.P.R.J.V.C. BOOPALAN, D.Orth.,M.S.Ortho
      Prof of Orthopaedics
      Christian Medical College, Vellore

4. Dr Giriraj MBBS,D.Ortho., DNB Ortho
      Associate prof of Orthopaedics 
      Sri Ramachandra University, Porur- Chennai 600116