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An avid writer with a knack of writing clear and relevant descriptions based on the requirement. 

Can manage both technical and creative writing styles effortlessly.


Clear communication based on the nature of the audience (Technical, non-technical, management). 

Always enjoy speaking and I'm an avid public speaker/presenter. 

I use audio-visual presentations to convey quality content.

Technical Writing

Well versed in handling the role of Technical Writer.

Tools Knowledge :

* ST4

* Xml editor / Help and Manual 7

* MS Office (including MS Visio)

* Wordpress

* Adobe Lightroom CC

Creative Presentation Skills

Always eager to make presentations in the most creative ways (using audio and video together) like to explain it's purpose irrespective of the nature of audience involved. 


Understand and adapt to all forms of management (time, money, manpower etc.) and action on it accordingly.

Posses the ability to analyze a problem and work with a team or individually to resolve it in the quickest/ most efficient way. 

Understand the Agile release plan methodology and Product Life cycle management.

Work experience


Technical Writer

Soprano Design (Sydney, Australia)

* Individual Tech Writer for the whole organization.

* Handled several document types like User Guides, API Guides, Online Help sets, Android/iOS applications guides and Release Notes.

* Adept with working on APIs, SDKs, code based documentation etc. along with sample code examples.

* Provided valuable suggestions to help improve the S/W delivery work flow process.

* Worked with several teams such as Design, sales, marketing etc to make sure documents are uniform for several audiences.

* Always ready to help in any form of documentation for developers, testers etc.


Technical Writer

Facilio Technologies (India)

* First Tech Writer for the organization.

* Documented in-depth process for all user related documents.

* Formulated themed documents in tune with company's theme.

* Worked with all resources in the company ranging from developers to UI designers, to make sure documents reflected the customer's expectations.


Technical Writer & Product Configuration Engineer

Ericsson India Pvt. Ltd. (India)

* Full time technical writer handling all customer and internal documentation (guides, manuals etc.). Helped companies  and customers make the smooth transition of products into their customer site. 

* Coordinate with several teams to facilitate the delivery of all product related software and documents in a timely manner. 

* Meticulous in following the Agile Sprint plan to make sure that a release never missed a deadline.

* Worked with a variety of documentation tools to write and release product related documents. This provided a solid foundation for me to enter into full fledged technical writing. 


Catalog Manager (India)

* Primarily responsible to on board all vendor related data onto the website to facilitate smooth transition of data from Excel to online.
* Mentored several new joinee to the process.
* Efficiently managed time and resources to help meet daily and weekly deadlines.
* Assigned daily work allocation so each team member was equally occupied and no one was overloaded.
* Trained in cross platform tasks to be able to work for multiple teams during peak seasons.



Post Graduate Diploma In Business Administration (Operations Management)

Symbiosis Institute of Distance Learning

Successfully completed my PGDBA (Operations) with an A grade. 


Bachelor of Engineering (E.C.E)

Meenakshi College of Engineering

Achievements & Strengths

* Never missed a deadline to release Documents.

* Was part of the Amazon team that facilitated huge in flow management in terms of customer inputs.

* Was recognized as an individual performer with Ericsson in the time I joined, as I facilitated a peak season release sprint.

* Organized and was part of a cross functional/team learning and refresher training program that connected Tech writer experiences from across the world ranging from Chennai, India to Sweden.

* First Technical Writer at Facilio to set standard documents about the products and features.

* Learnt Soprano's work flows from scratch with no supervision.

* Never shy to use Google to search for something i am unfamiliar with.

   Case :Haven't learnt HTML coding formally, but was able to use Google and complete a HTML based task.

* Self Learner: Motivated to learn the documentation process from scratch with no supervision hence strengthening my ability to learn something new and introduce valuable process improvement.