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Work experience

Apr 1996Apr 2007

Marketing Manager, Chemicals, Oil & Gas

The BOC Group

    BOC GASES, INC., Murray Hill, NJ, a leading global supplier of industrial gases and value-added   to        process equipment to the chemical, metal, oil & gas, food and miscellaneous industry segment        4/07          with sales over $8 billion.        Marketing Manager, Chemicals and Oil & Gas, North America - 1999 to 4/07.Responsible for developing and implementing short and long term strategy including identifying opportunities and developing sales & marketing plan(s) for revenue / profit generating services.  Managed project budgets between $20-$100K, two Marketing Analysts; matrix managed 2-9 professionals and reported to Director, Marketing-North America.* To increase sales to the Oil & Gas industry, analyzed natural gas production and the exploration industry (P&E).  Developed and implemented strategies for selling industrial gas to this market in OK, TX, CO and PA.  Interviewed 20+ customers and prepared client market data.  Result: produced $2MM in new and additional sales revenue.* To improve market share position in the Gulf Coast, developed and implemented strategic market plan to sell excess product.  Result: generated $1MM+ sales revenue and 100% of product was  sold, avoiding a “take-or-pay” deal with a competitor.* To lower customer service cost, selected to lead team for new scheduling software rollout to   customers including strategy, marketing, sales training and customer implementation.  Result:   saved $200K to bottom line; team efforts won BOC Achievement Award.* To develop a new market, analyzed spent sulfuric acid market use of oxygen to increase production.  Developed and implemented a marketing strategy.  Result: generated $300K in sales to DuPont; co-authored patent on NOx reduction and oxygen enrichment for spent sulfuric acid regeneration.* To increase Chemical industry sales, researched and wrote value proposition for the industry including industry overview, target industry segments, target titles/roles, diagnostic questions to ask, chemical process/company value offer overview, how to sell company value offers, and projected growth.  Result: document has been used as template for other industry and product value propositions throughout the company.* To determine whether to invest in additional industrial gas supply capacity in Alberta, CA, analyzed natural gas and oil recovery market and potential for BOC Gases to impact competitive market.  Created market analysis based on industry and customer meetings, as well as research data.  Recommended that BOC not increase capacity at existing air separation plant and investigated potential partnerships.  Result: recommendation approved; began discussions regarding potential partnerships.* To strengthen market share, acted as liaison between Global Chemicals Market sector and Business Unit Sales Force including rollout global strategy to sales force, sales training, and diagnostic selling of BOC Gases value.  Accompanied sales force on calls involving diagnostic selling and reporting industry trends to Business Unit to revise/update global strategies.  Result: chemicals, oil & gas profit margin in all market sectors maintained as the largest sector by revenue in North America; achieved largest gross profit margin of all sectors (35% on average compared to other market sectors - 24%).* To increase market share, led team through “Stage Gate” process for development and rollout of valued-added technology for natural gas well exploration and completion including negotiation and contract development with patent holder.  Conducted financial and technical analysis, researched overall market development and implementation.  Result: project recognized by Senior Management as best out of 72 projects currently in Stage Gate program.* To grow sales in new region, analyzed dry ice market in U.S. and worked with Business Planning to recommend to upper management to invest $10MM in a carbon dioxide plant for additional dry ice production.  Result: company made investment for added capacity and increased market share by 5%; analysis recognized by Global Dry Ice Market Manager as best analysis he had seen on dry ice market.* To increase sales team knowledge, routinely ran training programs on value applications approach to market and targeted selling.  Result: able to first maintain then increase high profit margins in Chemical, Oil and Gas market sectors.                * To establish sales presentation discipline beyond the purchasing department, routinely accompanied Account Managers on sales calls to do in-depth analysis of customer processes and applications.  Developed value propositions and trained Account Managers and Field Engineering on value offers for all industry segments.  Result: market sector had the largest revenue in North America and had the largest gross profit margin.* To improve competitive position, conducted market research and strategy for company investment in Southeast, Midwest, Southwest and Canada.  Result: company invested in new plants in both the Southeast and Midwest.        Sales Manager, Volatile Organic Compounds Control Systems - 1996 to 1999.Team Leader for global VOC Control Team (air pollution  control technology).  Facilitated daily operations of a cross-functional team including development, engineering, marketing, strategy, sales, communications and budgeting.  Matrix managed 7 professionals and managed $10-50K project budgets.  Reported to Global Director, Chemicals Market Sector.* To lower manufacturing costs and improve competitive position, led team that standardized the VOC Control System line.  Implemented channel development and category management strategy & business plan.  Result: reduced manufacturing costs 35-40%; reduced delivery time by 8-10 wks.  * To improve market share in the pharmaceutical and specialty chemical industry segments, developed value proposition around low temperature reaction cooling system and trained sales force on targeted selling of product line.  Result: generated $2MM+ sales revenue in equipment and gas sales.* To grow sales, developed value proposition around standardized Air Pollution Control product line and trained sales force on targeted selling of standardized line.  Result: generated $2MM+ in equipment and gas sales.* To improve market awareness, developed and implemented a comprehensive Marketing Communications Program including developing communications plan, working with advertising firm, print advertising, telemarketing, direct mail promotional items, and development of product brochures and literature.  Authored and co-authored 5 technical papers that have been printed in industry specific magazines (Chemical Processing, Chemical Engineering & Pollution Control).  Result: improved awareness of BOC Gases as premier supplier of VOC Control equipment.


Sep 1987May 1993


Sep 1978May 1984




Areas of Expertise

  • Marketing Management including market research, unique selling propositions & competitive advantage development, product positioning, business plan development, pre-launch sampling, focus group questionnaires, product pricing segmentation, lead generation, niche market distribution, direct mail, ad coops, barter, media placement & supervision, customer newsletters and loyalty programs.
  • Channel / Business Development including identification of target markets, contract negotiation, relationship management, development of internal support processes, and resolution of ongoing issues.
  • Sales/Key Account Management including organizational assessment and design; hiring, training, motivating and directing salespersons/rep agents; sales team building, goal setting, account planning (strategic/tactical), setting quotas, forecasting, defining customer requirements, contract negotiations,  expense controls, sales compensation and incentive planning, and sales meetings.
  • Marketing Communications including translating marketing goals into advertising and communication campaigns utilizing data mining techniques, trade shows and publications, press relations, channel and sales force/CRM initiatives, and developing sales promotions.
  • Strategic Marketing including defining mission, developing objectives (market share/outcomes/ROI) and negotiating buy-in; market intelligence and competitive analysis, identifying resources & capital requirements, defining core customer needs & wants, data gathering & analysis, action plan development, cross-functional team building, daily project supervision, ongoing client communication, evaluation and management reporting.
  • Sales Training including needs assessment, writing performance objectives, selection of training principles and media, program design and development, platform training, train-the-trainer, evaluation of external training sources, customizing training programs and revisions, program evaluation and reporting.


Confident, technically oriented and responsive SENIOR MARKETING / BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Executive with a proven record of success.  Innovative and persistent problem solver who thrives on challenges, excels under pressure and gets the job done.  Goal-oriented, dedicated and resourceful team builder who possesses excellent interpersonal and good communication skills.  Quietly assertive / hands-on leader and catalyst, organized and thorough planner, and persuasive negotiator dealing effectively across all levels of the organization.  Accustomed to a fast pace and multiple projects, fulfills priorities and meets deadlines while consistently maximizing business opportunities, relationships and profits.  Matches customer needs to company’s value proposition.


* Co-patent author on patent pending for Oxygen Enrichment/NOx Reduction application for spent   sulfuric acid regeneration (Serial No.: 60/897,003, filed January 23, 2007).* Authored or co-authored six technical papers that have been printed in industry specific magazines including Chemical Processing, Chemical Engineering, Pollution Control and Port Technology International.


Married, one child; excellent health.  Willing to travel and relocate.  Part-time bartender 1984 – 1991. Coached Little League baseball, racquetball, spectator sports, music, reading, and personal computing.