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Currently enrolled at New Orleans’ Tulane University, Rylan Homscheid holds a double major in Sociology and International Development. He minors in Psychology to round out his education, and outside of the classroom, takes part in activities and events put on by his fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Rylan Homscheid began his college education in 2010 and anticipates graduating with a BA in Sociology and International Development in 2015.While enrolled at the university, Rylan Homscheid has worked in jobs ranging from public safety to sales and data management. In 2006, he joined Connecticut’s Westport Parks and Recreation as a lifeguard. Over the next four years, Mr. Homscheid took charge of the public pool in Longshore and also presided over a stretch of Compo Beach, a public area, during summer seasons. His responsibilities included performing first aid when needed and enforcing the public park’s rules and guidelines.Rylan Homscheid also has worked in the sales, marketing, advertising, and data-entry fields. Over the summer of 2009, he was an intern at Chris Craymer Photography. Located in the greater New York area, the business gave Mr. Homscheid an opportunity to explore his creativity. In May 2011, Rylan Homscheid joined Vertical Search Works, in New York, as a data-entry specialist. In this position, he was responsible for creating Internet advertisements promoting the goods and services of specific clients. One particular challenge involved describing a product in 100 characters or less, a lesson in brevity that strengthened his communication skills. Additional responsibility during his tenure at Vertical Search Works ranged from mastering spreadsheet and database software to helping the sales team build leads to new clients.

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Rylan Homscheid



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