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Apple Consultant and Trainer
    Training photographers and Mac users on getting the most from their Macs is something I spent 4 years doing for a living. I'm an expert in OS X, Photoshop, and "Best Practices" on a Mac. I am also an Apple Certified Pro trainer in Aperture.
Gicleé Printing
  I spent two years studying black and white conversion methods from digital color capture. My efforts led me to fall in love with fine art printing, specifically in black and white. In 2010, I founded a fine art printing company with my wife. We specialize in black and white conversion, digital retouching, color correction, and gicleé printing. We also do a limited amount of color printing and work with many different substrates.  
Product and Catalog Photography
  I have shot entire catalogs of chrome and stainless steel products. More recently, I was one of two photographers who collaborated to shoot the Spring and Fall collection of Marmi Shoes for their seasonal catalogs.  
  Portraits are my passion. I have been shooting studio and location portraiture for 9+ years.  
Studio and Location Lighting
  Controlled lighting is my strength. I have over 7 years experience in this field.    

About Me

I am a portrait, music, and editorial photographer based in St. Louis. I currently own a gicleé printing company and co-own a media company. My niche is black and white printing on fine art papers and controlled lighting, both in studio and on location. I most enjoy working with people, but I've shot everything from events to catalog and product work.

I spent four years working for Apple, Inc. as a software trainer. It taught me to communicate very well with people on a one to one basis, and strengthened my ability to teach people in ways that are most effective for them. It also forced me to become an expert in all things Apple, and during my time with the company, I became an Aperture Certified Pro.

::  Although "fix it in Photoshop" is not my style, I have spent several years perfecting my post production technique. I prefer to get it right in camera, and use Photoshop to bring an image with "good bones" closer to what I envisioned when I shot it.

::  On camera flash is the devil.

::  I love to teach photography, lighting, and the Mac for photographers almost as much as I love to produce work.

::  Seeing a final print roll off my printer is one of the most satisfying parts of any job. For me, it always lends a sense of closure to an image.

::  Xingu is a Brazilian black beer, and if you haven't tried it, you're missing a little piece of heaven on earth.

::  I love working in the studio, but location shoots are a welcomed way of mixing things up and staying creative. One of my favorite things to do is take a client to a seemingly ordinary location, transform the scene with lighting, flip my camera around and watch as their minds are blown!

::  Instagram and Snapseed are my newest obsessions.

::  I recently became a dad to a beautiful baby boy.

::  My wife is a very talented wedding photographer.

I am available to travel anywhere a job may take me. Please feel free to contact me via any of the following:

Call or Text:  573-450-5416

Email:  [email protected]



Portrait + Music Photography

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Apple Aperture Certified Pro

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