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Leadership Development

Through unique, year-long educational programming, Leadership associates interact with top officials, educators, business leaders, journalists, politicians, and others who receive, deliver or make decisions and policies that have a significant impact across the state of New Hampshire. Graduates of these programs, particularly Leadership New Hampshire, include established and emerging leaders from across the state with a wide range of backgrounds, professional skills, interests, geographical locations, and ages. The result is a statewide community of diverse and active leaders, working hand in hand to strengthen communities, expand entrepreneurship, and shape policies to positively impact the future of New Hampshire.

Leadership New Hampshire  - 2013 - 2014 - Alumni include Tom Blonski, President of NH Catholic Charities; Jeremy Hitchcock, CEO of DYN; Heidi Copeland, President and Publisher of Business NH Magazine; Mary Ellen Jackson, Executive Director of NH Center for Nonprofits

Leadership Greater Concord  - 2011 - 2012

Leadership Lakes Region  - 2010 - 2011

Other Organizations

St. André Bessette Parish – Young Adult Fellowship – 2011 to present

Being raised in an Evangelical Protestant home, Christianity has always been the central force in my life.Much of my educational background has been in theology and biblical studies.  I began to be significantly draw to the Catholic Church after college and, after a long 7 year period of intellectual wrestling, reflection, prayer, and study, my wife and I were fully received into the Catholic Church.This has been an incredibly joyful experience and shortly after beginning to attend St. André Bessette Parish in Laconia, we helped found and continue to be leaders in the Parish’s Young Adult Fellowship.

Laconia Muskrats – Board of Directors – 2010 to present

The Laconia Muskrats is a Major League Baseball sponsored nonprofit collegiate summer baseball organization in the New England Collegiate Baseball League.As an active Board member, I consult on everything from operations to branding.It has been very rewarding to see the Muskrats grow in popularity and become a real source of joy and pride in the Lakes Region.My children – Matthew, 5, Annalise, 3, and Lorelie, 1 – are also very happy to get free tickets to Muskrat games!

Lakes Region Chamber of Commerce – Marketing Committee – 2012 to present

Although I am an active participant in numerous Chambers throughout New Hampshire, the Lakes Region is my home, and this Chamber has been integral to my personal success and has given Mainstay foundational support during the early years of the company.As a small token of my appreciation, I sit on the Chamber’s Marketing Committee and try to help the Chamber grow in membership and influence.

Belknap Independent Business Alliance – Board of Directors – 2009 to 2013

The Belknap Independent Business Alliance is a Lakes Region based nonprofit organization created to help increase awareness of the importance of shopping locally, as well as promoting locally owned, independent businesses.As an active participant at the Board level, I initiated two of BIBA’s most successful programs, including the BIBA Card program, where individuals who receive a BIBA card are given special discounts and incentives to patron local companies.My involvement with BIBA has only strengthened my commitment to doing business with local banks, shopping at local stores, and being rooted even more deeply in the Lakes Region.


Website Management
I have helped manage several web development projects (including,, and from concept to design to copy to ongoing SEO and Google Analytics.
Budgeting, Policy Development, and Organizational Systems
Staff Management
Public Speaking, Training, Teaching, and Coaching
I have a strong ability to gauge what material is most important for a given audience or individual to understand, and then to deliver that content in an organized, but engaging manner that achieves both comprehension and enjoyment.  A few keys to this process are effectively interpreting verbal and non-verbal cues, making appropriate adjustments, listening carefully to responses or questions, not speaking down to your audience, and using concrete examples and relevant stories.  Perhaps most importantly, being genuinely passionate about the topic you're teaching on, and the training process itself.
Event Planning and Management
I have planned and implemented events of a variety of types, including networking events, training seminars, lunches, group tours, outings, and fundraising events.
Social Media Management
I have significant experience administering social media campaigns, including Facebook, Google Adwords, LinkedIn, and Youtube.  Particular strengths are in establishing concrete goals, creative, but actionable strategies, and managing contests, advertising, and analytics.
Media and Public Relations
I have had a significant amount of experience being interviewed by the media, framing stories appropriately, and developing relationships with journalists and editors.
Have written feature articles, press releases, web copy, marketing copy, blog posts, and more.
Strategic Planning


Noah Crane

“We appointed Ryan Robinson to the Laconia Muskrats Board of Directors in January of 2011. He was specifically tasked to focus on our organization’s development strategy. His ideas were instrumental in our success this year. We saw increased attendance, revenue, and brand awareness which can be directly attributed to Ryan’s passion and creativity.He is a clear and effective communicator, he possesses an incredible depth of knowledge, and his passion and creativity are a tremendous asset to our organization.”

Carl Young

“After starting my business, I needed someone with PR and marketing expertise to help bring my business to the next level. Bringing Ryan Robinson on board to create a development strategy was critical to my success and has reaped incredible rewards.

Ryan created a comprehensive plan including website development, social media marketing, radio, print, and online advertising, and even helped develop special programs to introduce new students to the studio.

Ryan’s efforts increased my enrollment and revenue by dramatic degrees, far surpassing my expectations. The reason Beyond the Belt has become the largest martial arts and fitness center in the entire region in only two years is much in part to Ryan’s expertise, impeccable organizational skills, self-discipline, and professionalism.He was a pleasure to work with, and has my highest recommendation!”

Randy Bullerwell

“I have known Ryan Robinson for three years, the past two years working with him on the BIBA Board of Directors.

Ryan has been a key figure in our strategic planning sessions, helping our Board of Directors to function at a significantly higher, more efficient capacity.Ryan has also been a pioneer of implementing key programs that have propelled our organization to a level far beyond where it was when he first joined.

Ryan has great ideas and is willing to implement them, all while retaining his sense of humor.His strong commitment to family, faith and community will serve him well in all his endeavors.”

Ryan Barton

“I have the utmost regard for Ryan Robinson.  He is a rare individual who combines both brilliant strategic thinking and outstanding execution.  He has been instrumental in designing and leading initiatives that have resulted in a growth of over 2 million dollars in annual, recurring, sustainable revenue for my company – in the last 2 years alone.  His integrity, intelligence, and experience put him in a league of his own.  I recommend him wholeheartedly to anyone who needs strategic leadership and implementation that will result in real, measurable, significant gains, done in a holistic, sustainable, and virtuous way.”


Portfolio Samples

Work experience

Nov 2009Present

Director of Business Development

Mainstay Technologies

As the head of the Business Development division, my role has been to develop comprehensive communications, marketing, and PR strategies to increase positive public exposure for the organization, cultivate relationships with strategic partners, key community figures, and members of the press, as well as to be the public face of the organization throughout the state of NH.

I also oversee all ongoing marketing initiatives, including award procurement, website design and development, print materials, graphic design, video, and social media.  In addition, as part of our PR strategy, I teach seminars to other organizations throughout the state to help them more effectively utilize their website, social media channels, and other communications tools.

These PR, communications, and marketing strategies have yielded significant fruit; since joining the company, Mainstay has had a growth rate of 200%, been named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies in the United States (7th fastest growing in NH), and this year won Business NH Magazine's prestigious Business of the Year Award in the business services category.

Apr 2012Present


Living Stones Fundraising & Development

Living Stones Fundraising & Development is a company devoted to helping Catholic parishes more effectively engage their parishioners, more compellingly communicate the beauty of sacramental life and the value of parish ministries, and increase giving in a sustainable manner.  Services include Offertory Enhancement Campaigns, Parishioner Engagement Campaigns, and Capital Campaigns.

Campaign goals are achieved through developing clear objectives, leveraging electronic giving systems, and utilizing a variety of communications tools, including parish-wide mailings, custom video, written testimonials, pulpit talks, custom graphic design, brochures, email marketing, professional photography, and social media.

In the company's first Offertory Enhancement Campaign, the client experienced an increase in weekly offerings of almost 50%, increasing the annual budget by close to a quarter of a million dollars, making it one of the most financially sustainable parishes in the Diocese of Manchester.

Aug 2005Jul 2011

Humanities Teacher

Laconia Christian Academy

I was privileged to help institute an academically advanced Humanities Program for LCA.  Using a classical-style approach, the 6 year course took students on an in-depth tour of the "Great Books" of western civilization and Christendom during the Ancient, Medieval, and Modern periods.  Through a mix of Socratic method dialogue, formal lectures, debates, artistic representations, position papers, and discussion, students were led into the "Great Conversation" of theology, philosophy, literature, art, history, and music.

The installation of this Humanities Program marked a significant academic and cultural shift in the school, noted by staff, faculty, students and parents alike.  In addition to the rise in academic performance across the board (including SAT scores) during this time, we also saw a marked increase in students' intellectual engagement, love of reading, and spiritual attentiveness.

Although I've been blessed to find success in various forms throughout my career, I still mark the intellectual and spiritual impact evident in the students through these years, as well as the academic and cultural shift in the school, as among the most satisfying accomplishments of my professional life.

Jun 2006Nov 2009

Executive Director

Carey House - The Salvation Army

As the Executive Director of a nonprofit, my role was two-fold: first, to ensure that the mission of the organization was achieved , and secondly, to ensure that the organization itself had a positive and prominent role in the public eye and was well-funded, fiscally responsible, and financially sustainable.

To the first end, I managed staff, oversaw the budget, maintained facilities and grounds, recruited volunteers, and developed policies and systems for effective client services delivery.  To the second end, I wrote grants, ran fundraising events, cultivated a broader donor base, and established relationships with key community and political figures, members of the local press, as well as other related nonprofits and businesses.

Within just three and a half years, we were able to increase income and revenue by 50%, and take an organization that historically had a very negative public image, and turn it into one of the most visible, respected nonprofits in the community (partially shown by a dramatic increase in United Way funding, a key indicator of community support and social capital).



Certificate in Professional Fundraising

Boston University

Taught by senior philanthropy officers with distinguished careers in development, BU's Professional Fundraising Program teaches all of the key elements of fundraising and development, including:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Annual Giving
  • Major and Leadership Gifts
  • Planned and Estate Giving
  • Corporations and Foundations
  • Capital Campaigns
  • Prospect Research
  • Internet Research
  • Volunteer Leadership Management
  • Special Events
  • Stewardship

This program was very helpful in taking the experience I previously had in fundraising and filling it out with specific systems and processes necessary to manage and succeed in comprehensive campaigns with many moving parts.


M.A. - in process

Baptist Bible Graduate School

Led by a Ph.D in Philosophy from the University of Dallas, this Liberal Arts degree program had two required core areas:  Theology/Interpretation and Communications.  Utilizing a "Great Books" curriculum, the goal of this program was understand contrasting theological and philosophical worldviews, articulate their distinctions and similarities, and be able to use spoken and written communication skills to facilitate a mutual understanding and a step towards resolution in the truth.

The program included a deep study of a diverse group of texts, including:

  • Homer's Iliad
  • The Pentateuch
  • Plato's Republic
  • Virgil's Aeneid
  • Lucretius' On the Nature of Things
  • St. Augustine's Confessions
  • Dante's Divine Comedy
  • Milton's Paradise Lost
  • Hobbes' Leviathan
  • Rousseau's Emile
  • Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra
  • Kierkegaard's Fear and Trembling
  • Dostoyevski's The Brothers Karamazov