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My goal is to obtain an exciting and challenging position within the IT field. After having my daughter my life has changed and I want her to have everything and I am working hard to meet that expectation. I will accept the starting position that may you are offering at this time. I possess all the skills necessary to do an outstanding job in this position and I am highly reliable and responsible. I am also a very fast learner and work very well with computers. I hold an Associates degree in Information Systems Administration.I currently work for Hamilton Relay where I am a very important part of the team.I am a regular relay operator as well as an acting supervisor a lot of the times. I am currently a Level 4 Operator which is the highest pay grade you can receive.That qualification has to be renewed every 3 months. I am recently beginning to shadow the technician at our job so he can be further away from the center and have me as a backup if a server would fail or a technical issue would arise.I look forward to meeting you and becoming an integral part of the team.

Work experience



Worked as Nextel customer service rep.Handled customer accounts,tech support,and sales.Also worked on Aetna Insurance when it was first started at ACS.With Aetna I contacted pharmacies and doctors regarding patient information and helped seniors understand Medicare Part D.

Nov 2007Present


Fitzgerald's Moving and Storage

Move furniture for customers from their old home to their new home.Also take items in and out of storage for customers.This business is family owned and is going under quite quickly.I rarely get paid because there is simply no work.

May 2010Present


Hamilton Relay

Relay calls for deaf hard of hearing and speech disabled persons.I also supervise quite a bit and work the new projects in the building as well as just being a regular operator.It requires very good typing skills as well as listening skills because all of the information is required to be typed verbatim as per the FCC so it is pertinent that I get it right the first time.I am a Level 4 operator meaning I am one of the highest qualified and highest paid operators on the job.The qualification has to be renewed every 3 months.I will be working with the technician to learn to work on their servers and to help repair computers throughout the building.

May 2007Nov 2007


US Postal Service

Sorted mail by hand and by machine.Unloaded trucks that came in from collection for the day.Moved that mail to the machines to be sorted.Ran the machines then packed the mail organized by zip code.Moved the mail out to the tractor trailers to be hauled out.

Jun 2006Oct 2006

Worked at front desk,usually by myself after 5pm.Check in/out guests.Handle credit cards and cash.Took care of general maintenance.Also worked night audit alone.


Jun 2009Present


ITT Technical Institute

Studying Network Administration.Highly skilled with Linux/Unix and Windows.Proficient with the Windows Active Directory.Am able to troubleshoot network issues on site and off site through Virtual Private Network.Can troubleshoot and fix computers.This course of study has also given me the ability to advance in mathematics,English,and business practices.I will hold a degree in Information Systems Administration in September 2012.


Associates Degree
I currently hold an A.S in Information Systems Administrating
Active Directory
Have spent an extensive amount of time studying Active Directory. I am very confident with my skills using the Active Directory as I have spent long hours in labs creating user accounts,permissions,creating groups,managing off site servers,etc.